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A defensive strategy for China can help multinationals avoid bad faith patent litigation

Companies can take steps to reduce the chance that they’re targeted with a low-quality patent

19 August 2021

Everything you need to know about SCOTUS’ Minerva ruling on assignor estoppel

In a 5-4 decision the court’s justices significantly narrowed the scope of the doctrine that prevents assignors from challenging patents in court.

01 July 2021

Chinese buyer of 10,000+ LED patents from LG Innotek revealed

Newly-created Suzhou Lekin Semiconductor is backed by a well-connected Chinese lighting magnate

04 June 2021

Mitsubishi Electric steps up patent dealmaking activity

Japan’s biggest PCT filer has been selling off assets, spurring litigation in multiple sectors

27 May 2021

Chinese firm to buy LED assets and 10,000+ patents from LG Innotek

Korean smartphone supplier has been on a selling spree lately as it pivots toward higher-value businesses

18 May 2021

Full details on Chinese court's antitrust ruling against patent owner Hitachi Metals

Exclusive analysis of a decision holding that refusal to license patents can constitute IP abuse - even if the rights in question are not declared SEPs

13 May 2021

Court rules against Hitachi Metals in China's first ‘essential facilities’ patent case

Japanese company faulted for refusal to license patent rights in a landmark dispute over so-called ‘de-facto standards’

27 April 2021

BOE Technology’s patent portfolio explosion gives it a lot of firepower

The Chinese company's IP stockpile has quadrupled in size over the last decade - a necessary expansion for an increasingly influential global tech player

02 April 2021

Sector deep dive: Electrical

Featured in Special Report 2021 Q1: On the shoulders of giants

25 March 2021

Top US patent filers: positions 1 to 100

Featured in Special Report 2021 Q1: On the shoulders of giants

25 March 2021

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