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McDonald’s is leaving Russia but will seek to retain its trademarks there

Move announced on Monday is rooted in the company’s brand values, CEO explains, but the door is left open to maintain key IP in the country

20 May 2022

Ocado IP head hails key ITC win as global patent battle against AutoStore moves to the UK

“We are going in on a high – with a positive feeling,” says Lucy Wojcik on the eve of the London face-off with its online grocery rival

15 March 2022

Chinese supreme court hears challenge to country’s first essential facilities case

He Jing and Annie Xue of GEN Law Firm break down the economic and technical arguments made in front of the judges, and spell out why the eventual decision could have a dramatic impact

28 February 2022

No slow-down in Huawei patent activity, despite US sanctions

It may be facing significant headwinds, but the Chinese telecoms giant showed a surge in grants at home and abroad in 2021

17 February 2022

Japanese and US entities are top foreign patent invalidation defendants in China

Despite some high-profile, international targets, though, the process is mostly used by and directed at domestic companies

15 February 2022

Samsung Display mulls patent assertion against Chinese upstarts

The world’s largest mobile OLED panel maker eyes offensive litigation plays to fend off market share erosion

11 February 2022

Big changes in the camera industry lead to major patent strategy rethinks

Canon’s IP chief and the former head of IP at Nikon explain how an evolving market creates opportunities for companies that hold assets reading on products used in multiple industries

08 February 2022

How an ex-NPE head built an innovative operating company on IP

When Marathon Patent Group transitioned into a bitcoin mining shop in 2017, its CEO Doug Croxall set out to develop a product business around its electrokinetic film subsidiary

28 January 2022

Royalty deal ends Japan Display’s patent dispute with Chinese rival

Panel maker Tianma taps into LCD portfolio originating with major Japanese companies including Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi

27 January 2022

Moderna, Nike and TSMC among pandemic-era outperformers in patent portfolio strength

Innovation metric that’s agnostic to patent quantity highlights diverse group of companies that have put distance between themselves and their competition over the past two years

25 January 2022

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