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Ocado gets £200 million in ‘robot wars’ settlement after turning the tables on AutoStore

Much-watched global patent dispute ends with agreement highly favourable to UK-based robotic warehouse business

24 July 2023

Patent transactions in Q1 2023

Featured in Secondary Market Activity

Allied Security Trust has released its latest patent deals report which tracked 371 transactions including the sale of 68 Intel assets to Daedalus Group

21 June 2023

Ocado IP chief says company is now on the offensive in AutoStore dispute following UK victory

But, Lucy Wojcik told IAM, she is happy to talk with her Norwegian counterparts about a potential settlement

17 April 2023

Patent transactions in Q4 2022

Featured in Secondary Market Activity

Allied Security Trust’s Patent Deals Report shows overall transactions last year dropped on 2021, although the figures are less stark when compared to pre-covid years

11 April 2023

Diversity data reveals size of missed opportunities in inventors and patenting

Qualcomm executive and Invent Together director discuss initiatives at IP Dealmakers conference in New York

13 December 2022

How IP allows a Chinese dairy heavyweight to stay ahead of the competition

For outsiders, it may seem strange that patents play such a big role in the sector but they are crucial to success, explains Mengniu's Eugene Ho

23 August 2022

McDonald’s is leaving Russia but will seek to retain its trademarks there

Move announced on Monday is rooted in the company’s brand values, CEO explains, but the door is left open to maintain key IP in the country

20 May 2022

Ocado IP head hails key ITC win as global patent battle against AutoStore moves to the UK

“We are going in on a high – with a positive feeling,” says Lucy Wojcik on the eve of the London face-off with its online grocery rival

15 March 2022

Chinese supreme court hears challenge to country’s first essential facilities case

He Jing and Annie Xue of GEN Law Firm break down the economic and technical arguments made in front of the judges, and spell out why the eventual decision could have a dramatic impact

28 February 2022

No slow-down in Huawei patent activity, despite US sanctions

It may be facing significant headwinds, but the Chinese telecoms giant showed a surge in grants at home and abroad in 2021

17 February 2022

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