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Malaysian oil and gas company Petronas pivots to IP licensing

The state-owned oil and gas giant is seeking to obtain 30% of its revenue from its intellectual property by 2030

26 January 2024

Nurturing our planet: Unveiling the key players in green technology patents

Data from Anaqua examines exactly the technologies companies, big and small, are investing in

20 December 2023

Embracing the digital transition: CSIRO’s impact-driven patent portfolio

Data and software is where the future lies, IP head tells IAM

18 December 2023

IPwe moves into ESG space by launching pool with Siemens Energy, Maersk on board as licensors

New offering differs from previous IPwe AI-enabled ‘smart pools’ in attracting two major players from the off

10 November 2023

Inventor firm’s $339M windfall from Google tops ranking of US patent jury verdicts in Q3

Touchstream Technologies’ victory is one of 17 jury verdicts that issued in 2023’s third quarter and 59% of them favoured patentees – but Q3 damages values dropped compared to Q1 and Q2

02 October 2023

Three things to know about the US government’s new strategy for standards development

Here’s the critical background to know as innovators today participate in a USPTO listening session about the intersection between standards development and IP

20 September 2023

Halliburton and US Well Services go to trial

Docket Navigator data shows the patent litigation track record of the pair and the case outcomes of their lead patent counsel

21 August 2023

Patent infringement enforcement against IPO applicants in China intensifies

Recent pair of lawsuits in lithium battery industry evince a pattern of companies using a ‘patent blocking’ strategy

18 August 2023

PepsiCo’s potato variety loses protection following Delhi High Court ruling

With incorrect information newly exposed, PepsiCo warns against a casual approach towards procedural compliance as this can lead to revocation of registration. The plant variety protection case emphasises how crucial it is to pay close attention to all requirements when applying for IP rights.

16 August 2023

China surpasses the US in carbon capture patent race

But innovators may need to look beyond such technology to win the wider fight against climate change

16 August 2023

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