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China to let foreign patent agencies set up representative offices

Prosecution firms will be able to advise local clients on overseas filings and IP risks, but Chinese patent practice will remain out-of-bounds

28 October 2021

Oppo, Huawei were most prolific patent challengers in China last year

Exclusive invalidation statistics from IncoPat show the busiest companies on the offensive and the defensive at the CNIPA

25 October 2021

Pharma speaks loud and clear on need for 101 changes, but consensus for reform remains elusive

US life sciences leadership is at stake, industry tells USPTO, but comments on eligibility study show deep divisions remain

22 October 2021

IBM delivers hundreds of patents to DoorDash in latest big startup transaction

More than 200 assets change hands in the aftermath of a similarly-sized sale to delivery service Instacart

21 October 2021

Our 5G licensing rates will be ready before mass vehicle roll-out begins, says top Avanci executive

Senior VP Laurie Fitzgerald was speaking after Swedish truck and bus manufacturer the Volvo Group became the latest licensee of the platform’s 4G programme

20 October 2021

Investment in medical device IP is surging

Diagnostic innovation buyouts drive resurgence of med-tech deal-making

19 October 2021

Judge a patent pool’s success on licensees and royalties, says MPEG LA

Firm disputes recent IAM analysis of HEVC licensing platforms which found that Access Advance has the most compelling offering

14 October 2021

Samsung set to overtake Google as most-sued US patent defendant in 2021

Korean giant faces more cases, but overall litigation levels are on course to remain relatively flat, according to new data from Unified Patents

13 October 2021

Why the auto sector is heading for an IP reckoning

The Long Read: Patent figures show the industry has engaged in wholesale borrowing of technology in the connected car era, writes Arvin Patel. Now the bill has become due

13 October 2021

Analysis indicates that Access Advance is currently the top HEVC patent pool

Licensees get access to higher-quality rights via the platform than those available through Velos Media and MPEG-LA

07 October 2021

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