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Appian’s general counsel opens up about insuring mammoth $2 billion trade secrets verdict

IAM sat down with Chris Winters to discuss the deal in hand, the company’s “hyper-awareness” of trade secrets, and investor responses

18 October 2023

Delhi High Court and Indian Patent Office clash over novel hardware features requirement

The Indian Patent Office’s refusal of a software patent application has been overturned on appeal by the Delhi High Court as the office relied on an outdated set of guidelines for computer-related inventions in its reasoning.

18 October 2023

Rising wave of copyright lawsuits targets ChatGPT developer OpenAI

In an era when many industries are employing large language models to generate content and code, it’s imperative for chief IP officers to track developing copyright test cases and see where the law lands

17 October 2023

Ericsson and InterDigital suits targeting Lenovo are among 220 US patent litigations it's defended

As new patent litigation heats up against the Chinese device manufacturer in the US, Docket Navigator data reveals its litigation behaviour and record of success

16 October 2023

BREAKING: Ericsson brings 5G suit against Lenovo in US

The Swedish telecoms leader alleges the Chinese mega-manufacturer doesn't deny that it needs a SEP licence but has delayed paying a fair royalty despite 10 years of negotiations

12 October 2023

Oracle and Apple won IPR stays from US Judge Albright and others. Can you?

In a recent trend, even those US district courts that loathe to stay litigation are scrutinising PTAB institution decisions when assessing whether an IPR will simplify litigation

10 October 2023

Alibaba refocuses patent strategy after business restructuring

Smaller, more targeted IP approach more efficient than the Chinese e-commerce giant’s historical groupwide perspective, IP head Sean Ke tells IAM

09 October 2023

Blockchain patent assets are hot but hard to find on the secondary market

Data indicates the start of an uptrend in blockchain portfolios for sale but supply is still too low to meet the needs of would-be buyers from a multitude of industries

03 October 2023

Does the impact of Markman orders vary by technology complexity?

Some patent litigators observe that patent disputes involving less complicated technologies tend to settle faster after claim construction. What does Docket Navigator data say?

27 September 2023

Three things to know about the US government’s new strategy for standards development

Here’s the critical background to know as innovators today participate in a USPTO listening session about the intersection between standards development and IP

20 September 2023

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