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JS Held expands Ocean Tomo IP practice with new acquisition

The global scientific and engineering consultancy has bought TechPats, a patent-focused technical expert firm, at a time when an uncertain economy and declining number of M&As has led some companies to issue layoff notices to IP staff

07 September 2023

BlackBerry sued for refusal to pay its own IP advisors in 32,000-patent sale

Tech+IP Advisory alleges it spent ‘thousands of hours’ from May 2020 to March 2023 on selling the huge portfolio yet $1.3 million invoice unpaid

29 August 2023

Much-Needed Clarity on Software Patentability Boosts Protection and Enforcement in India

Featured in Asia-Pacific Patent Litigation Review 2024

With India emerging as the fifth largest economy in the world, courts have sought to address the need for change in the way that software patents are examined. Given the speed at which the global digital landscape is evolving, it is imperative that India can keep up.

25 August 2023

Australia: Three Superior Court Decisions Look Set to Have Serious Patent Implications

Featured in Asia-Pacific Patent Litigation Review 2024

The last year may well prove to be a pivotal one for Australian IP litigation, with cases that touch upon subjects as diverse as eligibility requirements for computer-implemented inventions, damages for higher prices paid to a pharmaceutical company during a preliminary injunction and whether AI platforms are entitled to apply for patents.

25 August 2023

South Korea: Recent Legislative Reforms and Judicial Efforts Expected to Improve Patent Enforcement Environment

Featured in Asia-Pacific Patent Litigation Review 2024

The Korean government is committed to making the country global hub for litigation, with an increased focus on the courts and two critical legislative reforms on discovery and increased damages.

25 August 2023

Meet Meta’s patents team, in which diversity strengthens strategy, acquisitions and licensing

Through a series of exclusive interviews with IAM, Meta’s patents, licensing and open-source leaders take us inside their patent strategy

23 August 2023

$250 million Alcoa litigation failure a reminder of pitfalls facing trade secret owners

This is the latest of three recent setbacks that provide a warning to would-be trade secrets plaintiffs

15 August 2023

nChain's $570 million investment reflects value of its IP, CSO says

Owen Vaughan speaks to IAM about the blockchain company’s push to commercialise its intellectual assets through licensing and collaboration

08 August 2023

Panasonic files wave of UPC lawsuits against Oppo and Xiaomi

The Japanese corporation has launched seven infringement suits at the new court

03 August 2023

As Google vows to challenge $338.8 million patent verdict, here's its appellate track record

When Google has been an appellant at the Federal Circuit, it has scored victories 29% of the time, according to Q4 2017 to YTD statistics from Docket Navigator

31 July 2023

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