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Brazil suspends drug patent extensions and reschedules key Supreme Court hearing for tomorrow

Long-running constitutional challenge putting 40% of patents at-risk set to be resolved, but further delays are possible

13 April 2021

French SPC rulings give first signs of Royalty Pharma’s impact

Paris Court of Appeal turns down three appeals over supplementary protection certificate rejections

12 April 2021

Six takeaways from the $1.8 billion finale to the LG Energy Solutions - SK Innovation IP dispute

As political wrangling and potential for commercial fallout mounted, the two Korean battery suppliers reached an eleventh-hour settlement deal yesterday

12 April 2021

Multibillion-dollar BridgeBio deal is a boost for patent-centric pharma business models

Hub-and-spokes life sciences companies are providing new opportunities for IP monetisation

08 April 2021

Pharma companies must factor tough standing requirements into IPR strategies

SCOTUS petition denial in Argentum v Novartis highlights the difficult choices facing those who wish to challenge patents at the PTAB

06 April 2021

Canadian court establishes new approach to fee awards in Allergan v Sandoz

A new starting point for calculating cost awards in complex disputes could help to deter lengthy or unnecessary patent proceedings

05 April 2021

Filings show Chinese gene sequencer BGI has paid out millions in legal fees battling Illumina over patents

Financial figures disclosed as supplement to IPO prospectus, in latest sign regulators are wary of waving through companies facing major overseas IP litigation

26 March 2021

Europe is seeing a boom in pharma and biotech patenting

A surge in life sciences applications offset a disappointing performance in other areas, the latest EPO statistics suggest

25 March 2021

Top US patent filers: positions 1 to 100

Featured in Special Report 2021 Q1: On the shoulders of giants

25 March 2021

Top Chinese patent owners 2020 (part two)

Featured in Portfolio Data

25 March 2021

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