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Chinese court enforces trade secret arbitration award of over $100 million against Chinese company

Dow and Johnson Matthey welcome enforcement action, which comes on the heels of a civil trade secrets litigation win in a different Chinese court last year

12 August 2021

Pharma should make good use of the UPC from the beginning, says Bayer’s head of IP

There are a lot of potential benefits to the new system, but we need to integrate it into our strategies to make sure it works, explains Joerg Thomaier

11 August 2021

US legislators have anti-competitive pharma IP strategies in their sights

There is now momentum behind several proposed pieces of legislation with implications for life sciences patents

06 August 2021

What’s behind the new patent litigation offensive from China’s top EV battery maker

Poached customers and trade secret worries underpin CATL’s patent suits against a domestic Chinese competitor

06 August 2021

Healthcare Royalty Partners’ $750 million IPO to be next milestone for a booming market

The company is hoping to raise cash to help expand its purchasing power when acquiring pharmaceuticals revenue streams

05 August 2021

Pfizer gets boost in landmark $1 billion pregabalin patent damages dispute

UK court sides with the drug company on key counterfactual assumptions in high-stakes compensation battle with the NHS and generics

03 August 2021

Leading Chinese EV battery maker goes on patent attack against upstart rival

CATL sees injunction opportunity as competition among domestic players heats up

30 July 2021

Delhi High Court ruling against AstraZeneca could spell trouble for pharma innovators

A recent decision puts selection drug patents in jeopardy

29 July 2021

Expect court battles over tougher US pay-for-delay scrutiny

The FTC is likely to make new rules on reverse-payment settlements, but there could be significant pushback

27 July 2021

Genentech’s troubles highlight biosimilar trade secret risks

Two founders of JHL Biotech have recently been indicted for conspiracy to steal trade secrets from the Californian company, while two other individuals pleaded guilty to similar charges

23 July 2021

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