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Despite the praise, there may be less to Moderna’s covid patent pledge than meets the eye

The leading vaccine innovator has won plaudits for its commitment not to enforce its coronavirus-related IP rights against other mRNA inventors

15 October 2020

CAFC decision prevents skinny label use, warns dissenting judge

Expect further appeals after majority ruling finds in favour of GSK and makes it easier to prove infringement despite carve outs

14 October 2020

The patent system’s social contract has broken down, says IP billionaire Dr Gary Michelson

Spinal surgery pioneer tells IAM that it is important to ensure the US public does not get a rough deal from rights owners

08 October 2020

Dividing UPC life sciences division would be a mistake, warns Bracco IP strategy chief

Splitting what should have been the London court’s competencies between Paris and Munich must only be a temporary fix, says Francesco Macchetta

06 October 2020

Arm’s patents will help Nvidia in many of the world’s high-growth industries

The proposed tie-up would significantly improve the US company’s IP cover in a number of key areas – but would not come consequence free

05 October 2020

Push for discovery system in South Korea meets chip sector opposition

Policymakers want to make the country’s litigation system more attractive, but reports suggest some parts of industry remain sceptical

02 October 2020

AbbVie’s huge Imbruvica patent wall remains standing despite PTAB setback

Drug imitators are facing the challenge of increasingly large IP thickets – and not just in the biologics space

01 October 2020

Elite patent owners in electronics sector saw big share price decline in August

The monthly IAM/ktMINE US Patent Elite share tracker finds top IP owners' stock performance falling behind their peers for the first time

30 September 2020

Merck asks Supreme Court to revive $2.54 billion damages award and overturn Section 112 case law

The petition is only the latest of several pleading for the justices to give guidance on enablement and written description requirements.

29 September 2020

Why batteries are a key technology to watch in China

Litigation activity is already intensifying in the field, and recent data shows Chinese firms lag badly in patent applications

25 September 2020

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