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How the rise of PTAB discretionary denials impacts Hatch-Waxman strategies

The recent rejection of a Mylan IPR petition – currently being challenged at the Federal Circuit – is good news for pharma patentees and bad news for generics

11 February 2021

SCOTUS’ denial of certiorari in Idenix v Gilead poses especially difficult IP questions for universities and small biotechs

Recent caselaw has raised serious doubts over the enforceability of US genus claims, leaving life sciences innovators in a quandary

04 February 2021

Japanese chemical giants score patent litigation wins in China

Two of country’s top industrials got successful results in the market that constitutes their number one business challenge

03 February 2021

“It’s really embarrassing” - LG and SK feel the political heat ahead of US trade secrets decision

South Korean PM’s comments show that IP enforcement does not happen in a vacuum

01 February 2021

Why 2021 will be a pivotal year for life sciences patents in China

Despite radical reforms, pharma and biotech innovators still have unanswered questions about the country’s IP system

21 January 2021

Six life sciences IP dealmaking trends to watch out for in 2021

Despite a turbulent 2020 for pharma transactions, it is possible to discern a few patterns for activity in the market this year

19 January 2021

New Brazilian biotech patent examination guidelines a “missed opportunity”

While boosting transparency, the many difficulties faced by life sciences innovators when applying for protection in the country are not addressed

14 January 2021

Three life sciences trade secrets and data strategy lessons

As non-patent assets become increasingly important, pharma and biotech innovators must adapt their IP strategies.

22 December 2020

Patent data shows the complexity of the semiconductor manufacturing market

There is no clear stand-out in what is a highly interconnected industry. Instead a host of companies all rank as innovation leaders

18 December 2020

What you need to know about post-Brexit changes to the UK’s SPC system

Failures to update IP management following the New Year could be costly for life sciences businesses

17 December 2020

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