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US armed forces insurer bags more than half a billion dollars in cheque deposit patent assertion campaign

USAA also has an impressive track record fending off PTAB attacks on its assets, according to Docket Navigator

26 September 2022

New report reveals pandemic’s significant impact on patent filing and abandonment

Though some chief IP officers applaud their firm’s innovation amid adversity, exclusive data analysis in the IAM Q3 2022 Special Report shows a downward trend in US applications

13 September 2022

How the IVSC is preparing to accelerate intangible assets valuation in Asia

After establishing an office in Asia, the CEO of the International Valuation Standards Council expands on plans to escalate intangible assets valuation in the region

26 July 2022

Lessons from China's $46 billion IP financing market

After over a decade and the involvement of various stakeholders, China achieved $46 billion in IP financing in 2021

08 July 2022

Open-source assertions against banks doubled in 2021, new research finds

OIN and LOT Network see increased interest from the sector as financial institutions become an increasingly attractive target for PAEs

21 June 2022

Outgoing Ant Group IP chief discusses company’s meteoric patent growth

Benjamin Bai, who has transitioned to a new role as chief legal officer at Amber Group, a digital asset company, reflects on a tenure of more than five years steering IP strategy for Alibaba’s digital payments offshoot

31 May 2022

Interview: Ant Group

Featured in Special Report 2022 Q2: The Asia IP Elite

30 May 2022

Delaware Judge’s litigation finance disclosure may harm plaintiffs, lead to defence settlements

Patent litigators who represent plaintiffs and defendants agree the new standing order favours the defence, but one litigation financier predicts well-financed patentees backed by reputable lenders will get the upper hand

29 April 2022

Litigation finance report reveals huge growth in patent case commitments

The market report by Westfleet Advisors discovered that 29% of litigation finance commitments in 2021 went to patent cases, which represents 61% growth compared to 2020

05 April 2022

Australia under-invests in IP, and recent government proposals will not fix that

Saturday Opinion: In-house leaders say a mooted patent box regime limited to life sciences will reward companies that get patents already, failing to encourage IP investment in new industries

04 December 2021

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