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WDTX judge says it's not a plaintiffs’ paradise, but that won’t stop rights owners flocking there

Judge Albright is becoming an increasingly important figure in the US IP system and it’s his patent background that marks him out from many of his peers

11 April 2020

The major CAFC 101 decision that's been a big plus for some patent owners but not for others

Latest data shows operating companies fare much better in early motions brought since Berkheimer ruling; NPEs, though, do not do so well

10 April 2020

China pulls ahead of the US in blockchain technology race

Global data comparison shows how Chinese government measures have pushed the country's tech companies to the forefront of blockchain patent filing

10 April 2020

From the IAM archive – the decision makers

A selection of some of the exclusive interviews we have run with the indviduals running the world's most important patent offices

08 April 2020

The last thing anyone should think about WDTX is that it is patent plaintiff friendly, says Albright

In part two of our exclusive interview, the judge turns his attention to how his district is perceived, why he’s reluctant to stay cases and the prospect of his profile continuing to rise in IP circles

07 April 2020

Judge Albright explains why he has made WDTX a beacon for patent cases

"I have the enthusiasm, I like lots of the lawyers, I like a lot of the clients, I like the people on both sides," he says in exclusive interview with IAM

06 April 2020

No absolute bar on the patenting of AI and blockchain inventions in India

Recent Delhi High Court ruling reaffirms that the door is open for some types of software patents

06 April 2020

3D printing and IP in a pandemic

As the technology is increasingly being used to manufacture vital supplies a balance can be struck between protecting rights and helping the fight against covid-19

03 April 2020

IP Bridge goes private in management-led buyout

Public-private fund INCJ exits investment, ending government involvement in the Japanese IP monetisation business run by Minoru Fujiki (pictured)

02 April 2020

Latest litigation data shows NPEs flocking to the US’s hottest patent district

As Austin continues to grow as a tech centre, West Texas is quickly becoming the venue of choice for those looking to take a shot at Silicon Valley

01 April 2020

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