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The US and Germany top for patent litigation, say survey respondents

IAM benchmarking results send mixed messages about the UK, but show increasing interest in China, India and Brazil

10 June 2020

Lemley - prepare for some kind of compulsory licensing in tech and life sciences

In part two of our exclusive interview, the Stanford professor turns his attention to the world of antitrust and SEPs, the Supreme Court justices and opens up about The Open Covid Pledge he helped to develop

09 June 2020

Courts cannot award attorney fees for PTAB cases, Federal Circuit finds in precedential ruling

Those seeking to be reimbursed for administrative patent proceedings will need to use the board’s own sanctions mechanisms as a result of the judgment

09 June 2020

The USPTO's guidance on patent eligibility is a policy over legal doctrine, says Lemley

In an exclusive interview, the Stanford law professor talks about legislative 101 reform, the state of play at the CAFC and the rise of the Western District of Texas as a major IP court

08 June 2020

A new day at the PTAB?

08 June 2020

Out of the blocks – mitigating patent risk over distributed ledgers

With rapidly developing technology likely to disrupt a range of sectors, getting a headstart now could put companies ahead of the pack

08 June 2020

IAM benchmarking survey 2020

Featured in Community Insight

Our annual snapshot of the industry keeps the EPO at the top of the big five but suggests that the shine may have come off Andrei Iancu’s reign

08 June 2020

100 not out

We invite past cover stars to reflect on their 15 minutes of fame and the evolution of the market for IAM’s centennial issue

08 June 2020

Why India needs an inventor remuneration law

Prime minister Modi calls for innovators to have a proper stake in commercialisation and licensing

08 June 2020

1,000 US patent club 2020

Featured in Portfolio Data

IAM and ktMINE reunite to rank every company with at least 1,000 US grants

08 June 2020

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