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Post Office scandal to shake up UK patent litigation funding

UK government minister commits to unpicking controversial recent Supreme Court PACCAR decision

16 January 2024

Judgment preservation insurance in patent appeals: Is a bubble brewing?

Saturday Opinion: These policies now back headline-grabbing nuclear patent verdicts but we fear insurers don’t understand the risk and this bubble could pop. Disclosure rules could help

06 January 2024

A new job in the patent world: IP finance and insurance strategic advisors

The burgeoning market for IP-backed collateralised lending wrapped with insurance cover has grown to the point to support new IP consultancy practices. IAM spoke to the head of one, Aaric Eisenstein

06 December 2023

Blockchain patent assets are hot but hard to find on the secondary market

Data indicates the start of an uptrend in blockchain portfolios for sale but supply is still too low to meet the needs of would-be buyers from a multitude of industries

03 October 2023

South Korea’s IP-backed lending market growth exceeds targets

Although heavy reliance on government-backed initiatives creates uncertain future for IP holders

19 September 2023

IP consulting group laid off in KPMG’s summer cuts

Intellectual property staff were let go in the Big Four firm’s second round of 2023 layoffs, stemming from the poor economic conditions

31 August 2023

How to avoid the Section 101 pitfall in blockchain patenting

Blockchain innovators must show they’re improving existing technology, shows one of the first US court rulings addressing patent subject matter eligibility in the sector

25 August 2023

Aon Intellectual Property Solutions cuts staff amid gusty economic headwinds

Though one-third of its employees were laid off this quarter, the firm will continue investing in offerings like IP-backed lending, IP insurance coverage, valuation, and digital products

16 August 2023

nChain's $570 million investment reflects value of its IP, CSO says

Owen Vaughan speaks to IAM about the blockchain company’s push to commercialise its intellectual assets through licensing and collaboration

08 August 2023

Patent families sold for $83,000 average in latest AST IP3 sale

One patent seller seeking $1 billion didn’t find a buyer among the likes of AST members Cisco, Google and Microsoft, however, 36 deals were done which garnered $3.12 million

07 June 2023

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