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"We feel good about our business - it’s very profitable and on a sustainable foundation," says Nokia Technologies chief

In an exclusive interview, Jenni Lukander emphasises the strong support her unit receives from company CEO Pekka Lundmark, as well as its prospects for growth

19 March 2021

Spate of patent litigation dismissals involving Tesla points to possible Avanci deal

US cases brought by PanOptis and Sisvel were dismissed earlier this month, adding to evidence that auto company might have signed up to wireless pool

17 March 2021

Japanese government to weigh SEP licensing questions again

New group includes big names from the corporate IP world, representing Japanese stakeholders from both the auto and the electronics industries

17 March 2021

New patent data shows why Amazon made a $1.2 billion self-driving bet

In the race to a fully autonomous vehicle, auto giants may lead the way but the online retailer’s 2020 acquisition of Zoox highlights how dealmaking can give newer entrants a valuable IP edge

15 March 2021

Drop in foreign filings drives Taiwan patent numbers lower

But key players in the chip sector, both foreign and domestic, increased their output in a year that saw huge electronics demand

15 March 2021

Top Samsung licensing executive joins Marconi

Licensing company's latest blockbuster hire is Hosik Jang, a 35-year veteran of Samsung Electronics

09 March 2021

Inside the patent holdings of the companies at the cutting edge of battery technology

LG Chem, Toyota, Samsung SDI and Panasonic lead in the predominant area of lithium-ion, but solid-state is still ripe for disruption

26 February 2021

Apple Car rumours stoke brand anxiety for Asian carmakers

Licensing not the only area of IP tensions caused by the convergence of the high-tech and auto sectors

18 February 2021

Ford CEO weighs in on “really embarrassing” South Korean battery trade secrets fight

With the auto giant set for a high-profile roll out of several new electric vehicles, the dispute between LG Chem and SK Innovation is once again in the spotlight

12 February 2021

Apple and Huawei patent deals continue to pay off for Qualcomm

Revenues from chip giant’s licensing business grow 18% year-on-year and division head Rogers holds out prospect of new royalty programme for auto sector

04 February 2021

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