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Data shows that Honda’s AI-fuelled patent cuts are having an impact

The company spends the most per patent family among Japanese automakers, but its tech tools promise to push down spending, saving cash and time in the process

04 December 2020

Top EPO opposition firms by technical areas of specialisation revealed

Detailed analysis of representatives shows that while some tend to specialise in certain technologies, others act across a wider range of IPC sections

03 December 2020

Conversant seals patent licensing deal with Tesla to end litigation in the US and Germany

Agreement between the pair hands NPE another boost after it signed major transaction with RPX

01 December 2020

US patent stakeholders have their say on the key issues facing the Biden presidency

Special IAM panel representing very different parts of the American ecosystem discuss subjects as diverse as Iancu's legacy, the politics of covid IP, SEPs and technology standards, and the potential for legislation during the next Congress

27 November 2020

Do not expect an electronic vehicle patent boom in the UK despite 2030’s petrol and diesel car sales ban

Plans announced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not change the IP reality, which is that Germany is the only serious game in town for auto in Europe

27 November 2020

Honda seeking to sell AI solution for culling patent portfolios

Company says automated process helped it to identify 7,000 rights for abandonment

27 November 2020

More hold-out on the cards after Dusseldorf court calls in CJEU on SEP licensing

Judges referral of a series of questions on supply chain licensing, FRAND and willing licensee issues have potential to delay dealmaking, not only in Germany but across the EU

26 November 2020

Restructure puts auto connectivity at the centre of Huawei’s strategy

Company signals shift in focus after selling off entry-level smartphone brand Honor

26 November 2020

European Commission set to deliver SEP bombshell

Draft communication suggests intervention in the auto sector to find “effective licensing solutions” and holds out prospect of regulatory reform

20 November 2020

Calm before the storm: the IP impact of electric vehicle technology

Featured in IAM Innovation & Invention Yearbook 2021

The past predicts the future What does an old, obscure Danish phone patent have to do with electric vehicles? Nothing and everything.

20 November 2020

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