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C Graham Gerst

"If Moore’s law and hardware dominated the technology industry for the first 60 years of the semiconductor age, the last 10 have seen software move to the forefront. AI will only increase this emphasis."

19 November 2020

Data is the new frontier in healthcare IP licensing, says award-winning TTO

IAM speaks to the tech transfer office of Oregon Health & Science University about the keys to success in university-industry deal-making

17 November 2020

Big Tech is on notice in China, too

New rules for the internet sector call out long-standing business practices and look at data, technology and IP ownership

10 November 2020

Budget pressures accelerate Japan Inc’s IP strategy re-think

Leading lights from Canon, Hitachi and NTT among those who will discuss the way forward at virtual IPBC Japan conference

06 November 2020

IBM’s LaFontaine takes top spot in this year’s IAM Market Makers ranking

On the back of 12 months of ferocious dealmaking, Big Blue’s IP head sits at number one in the annual list

04 November 2020

Lions of global patent dealmaking revealed

IP leaders from the likes of Panasonic, InterDigital, Broadcom and Microsoft sit in places 20 to 11 of this year’s IAM Market Makers ranking

03 November 2020

"Patent sales are now an integral part of our innovation cycle," says IBM's global IP head

William LaFontaine talks deals, efficient infringement, the opportunities and challenges emerging from covid-19, and more in an exclusive interview with IAM

26 October 2020

IBM’s recently announced split is big news for the company, less so on the IP front

Much remains to be decided in terms of the NewCo but the legacy business will remain a patent behemoth

22 October 2020

Cut renewals, not new filings, JPO chief tells cash-strapped companies

New commissioner acknowledges tough budget choices are affecting top customers

19 October 2020

Another big deal validates Velodyne’s patent-driven approach to China market

Autonomous driving pioneer now has its two biggest Chinese peers under licence, generating extra value in a market where it struggles to compete on cost

12 October 2020

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