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WiLAN ramps up litigation over Siri patents with Amazon among the targets

WiLAN has stepped up its campaign against the growing personal digital assistant market filing six lawsuits before and after Christmas against a series of big tech companies including Amazon and HTC over patents that underpin Siri, the popular…

12 January 2017

Sony’s latest investment in AI start-up has IP chief Mitomo at the centre of overall business strategy

Sony announced this week that it has made a strategic investment in California-based artificial intelligence (AI) start-up Cogitai, with the Japanese company’s IP team playing an instrumental role in the deal.Founded by a team of computer…

20 May 2016

Microsoft is tops for speech recognition patents, report reveals

A new study  by technology consulting and litigation support firm iRunway has analysed the patent landscape around speech recognition technology, finding that Microsoft and specialist company Nuance lead the way. The report highlights the growth in…

10 September 2015

Microsoft, IBM, ARM, Shazam, BAE and leading NPEs get together to tackle patent market’s transparency troubles

IPBC Global 2015, being held next week at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, will host the launch of the Open Registry of Patent Ownership (ORoPO) - a new project aimed at creating a more efficient global patent market by encouraging openness and…

12 June 2015

“Bring us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of patents,” Google tells the market

Whatever you think of the possible motives, you can’t fault Google for trying. The search giant launched another initiative yesterday targeted at solving what it terms the “NPE problem”: the fact that 70% of the patents that are litigated by non…

28 April 2015

New numbers confirm IBM’s never-ending US patent carousel

One of these years IBM is not going to be the number one recipient of US patents and will find itself in a public relations firestorm. According to IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, in 2014 the company received a record 7,534 US patents, more than 2,500…

13 January 2015

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