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UK government blocks IP deal with Chinese company using radical new powers

Recently implemented legislation gives the British government the ability to intervene in IP transactions

22 July 2022

EPO decision shows AI patent rift with other jurisdictions, says DABUS project leader

Professor Ryan Abbott argues that a recently published Board of Appeal ruling reveals a very different approach to inventorship than the one adopted by countries such as the US, UK and Australia

14 July 2022

Detecting AI patent infringement

Co-published – There is often an assumption that reverse engineering of machine learning models is not possible, however that does not need to be the case

07 July 2022

Big week for US patent eligibility leaves resolution of “morass of uncertainty” still unclear

Despite a USPTO report, the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the American Axle case leaves many doubtful that there will be any clarity in the immediate future

01 July 2022

The keys to QML patent success

Co-published - A guide to drafting applications that meet EPO eligibility requirements

30 June 2022

UK plans to diverge from EU on AI-related IP exemption

Moves announced after consultation will affect copyright and database rights, but leave status quo in place for inventorship

29 June 2022

Data monetisation gathers momentum in the healthcare sector

Life sciences innovators are increasingly paying for access to high-quality data

27 June 2022

Federal Circuit judges ask tough questions on patentability of AI creations

Presented with oral arguments in the DABUS case about the novel legal issue of patenting inventions made by artificial intelligence, a trio of veteran judges at the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on 6 June appeared to adopt a sceptical stance.

07 June 2022

AI and blockchain are helping to transform IP market, says Erich Spangenberg

IAM speaks to IPwe founder about the new patterns of patent deal-making made possible by developing technologies

30 May 2022

Monetising data, machine learning’s most valuable asset

Co-published – Key issues to consider when developing an exploitation strategy

26 May 2022

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