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How revised EPO guidelines affect treatment of AI inventions

Co-published – Although changes will make it tougher to secure patent protection, there are still ways through

27 April 2022

Australian appeals court shuts door on AI inventorship, reversing outlier ruling

In a setback for Dr Stephen Thaler and team behind the DABUS effort, the most significant win of their global campaign thus far was overturned today

13 April 2022

Five key takeaways from IPBC Europe

Returning from two action-packed days in London, IAM Deputy Editor Adam Houldsworth reflects on the surprising state of corporate UPC strategies, the rise of AI, FRAND fireworks and more

02 April 2022

IBM’s IP head explains strategy behind the company’s litigation track record

“Take me seriously, because you're going to spend a bunch of money and then decide you need to take a licence,” says Bill LaFontaine, Big Blue’s general manager of intellectual property, in an exclusive IAM interview

29 March 2022

IBM’s LzLabs lawsuit – one of just 20 since 2008 – is proof positive of a successful licensing programme

A deep dive on Docket Navigator shows that IBM has filed just 20 cases as a plaintiff but has been a defendant in 152 since 2008. It also has an impressive track record at the PTAB

28 March 2022

Three reasons why patent applications for applied AI inventions do not succeed at the EPO

For an application to enjoy success at the EPO, it is vital that it fulfils the technicality, sufficiency and plausibility requirements. It remains to be seen whether the latter will play a greater role during assessment

23 March 2022

Machine-learning patents at the EPO: how to overcome the pitfalls

As applicants from a wider range of fields seek patent protection in the space, Harry Strange, Diego Black and Karl Barnfather of Withers & Rogers explain how to draft specifications with a view to sufficiency

16 March 2022

Patenting AI: the nature of inventorship and the mechanics of ownership

Under English law, there is considerable uncertainty as to whether an AI program can be regarded as an inventor of a patent. Such ambiguity means that contracts between parties are crucial to regulating patent ownership

09 February 2022

The EPO and UKIPO approaches to AI and patentable subject matter

Co-published - Although the UK is a member of the European Patent Organisation, there are ways in which the two agencies differ in how they look at granting protection in the field

18 January 2022

Rise of AI continues to re-write life sciences IP strategies in 2022

A spate of pharma-high tech innovation partnerships have dominated opening days of the year

11 January 2022

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