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SEPs and the next industrial revolution

Standards are pivotal in telecoms; other sectors need to catch up

12 August 2020

Key senator backs call to increase transparency in patent ownership

In letter to USPTO director, senate IP subcommittee chair Thom Tillis throws his weight behind pair of proposals from Stanford academics

11 August 2020

Report: half of failed IPOs on Shanghai tech board sidelined for IP reasons

No fewer than 17 companies have had listing plans scuppered due to a variety of IP deficiencies

10 August 2020

Intel is a major patent force and that matters

The chipmaker has taken a number of hits to its business, but analysis of its IP holdings shows that it could still have a few tricks up its sleeve

07 August 2020

Honda identifies 7,000 patents for potential abandonment in trial of AI tool

Human analysts agreed with automated system’s maintenance decisions about 85% of the time, says IP general manager Hirokazu Bessho

06 August 2020

Patenting emerging technologies – determining how far an artisan’s knowledge goes

A recent Federal Circuit decision and new USPTO guidance have brought a possible conflict in case law into focus

05 August 2020

Shanghai company seeks $1.4 billion in new patent suit against Apple

Xiao-i, which owns a voice assistant patent recently validated by China’s top court, says it will show the world the strength of Chinese AI technology

03 August 2020

Medtronic’s dual patent strategy helps keep it at the forefront of medtech innovation

The company spends a pretty penny on its own R&D efforts but also draws on external sources to fill any gaps, particularly within high-growth digital areas

31 July 2020

Patent risk profile front and centre in run up to Ant Group’s IPO

The company’s filings have exploded since the second half of 2019 and, while it is difficult to discern the quality of the assets, the portfolio is in capable hands

24 July 2020

The signs are that Canada is upping its IP game

Bank announces launch of multi-million-dollar financing package for IP-rich businesses while Ontario government unveils new action plan

21 July 2020

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