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Top US patent filers: positions 1 to 100

Featured in Portfolio Data

25 March 2021

China’s top 100 patent filers: positions 1 to 33

Featured in Special Report 2021 Q1: On the shoulders of giants

25 March 2021

Ant Group and Alibaba deploy blockchain for IP trading and enforcement, but patent solutions are further off

Chinese businesses with vast interest in protecting content and brands are turning to distributed ledger technology, and the country’s innovative Internet Courts are very receptive

23 March 2021

Ant Group retains blockchain patent crown, with IBM and Ping An hot on its heels

Exclusive data underscores Chinese companies’ dominance in blockchain patent filings, with financial group Ping An surging last year to join big internet firms at the top of the table

12 March 2021

What life sciences businesses need to know about data commercialisation

A strategy for protecting and exploiting data is now a must for entities involved in healthcare research

25 February 2021

IV taps local partners to roll out licensing programme aimed at Chinese SMEs

Intellectual Ventures is just the latest big IP market player to set its sights on China, with a new programme COO Arvin Patel says is the first of its kind

25 February 2021

As technology demystifies IP, money will flow into the space like never before, says Erich Spangenberg

The long read: The enfant terrible of the patent world is as hungry as ever after his move into services with IPwe. In an exclusive interview, he talks candidly about the need to dismantle silos in the ecosystem, how AI can transform patent monetisation and investment, and which country will emerge as the world’s next IP superpower

24 February 2021

How SMEs can use IP to secure success in the new data-fuelled AI paradigm

The long read: Data does not have to be an opportunity just for the biggest players, smaller businesses can also get in on the act – but only if they think carefully about IP strategy

17 February 2021

Huawei Uighur patent controversy is the shape of things to come

Racial profiling application not only raises serious questions for the Chinese company, but for others too

25 January 2021

Four predictions on how AI will reshape the IP landscape

IAM’s Strategy 300 Global Leaders share their insights on what the future holds for AI and patents – and what companies need to do now to stay ahead

21 December 2020

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