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05 April 2018

For the first time this century Philips does not have a chief IP officer

Very quietly, something of a revolution has taken place at Philips. For the first time this century, the company’s IP function – Philips IP & Standards - is headed up by someone who has no long-term IP background and who is not labelled its chief IP…

02 April 2018

Operating company patent suit filings outstrip those from NPEs, but US litigation remains depressed

For the third quarter in a row fewer than 900 new patent litigation lawsuits were filed in US district court in the first three months of this year. According to data from Unified Patents, 875 new cases were launched in the first quarter, up…

12 January 2018

Pharma executives predict increase in patent deal-making following US tax reform

A number of leading pharmaceuticals executives have said that recent US tax reforms will create a more conducive environment for patent transactions. Corroborating forecasts made by leading industry analysts suggest that 2018 will see a significant…

08 February 2018

Pharma companies prominent in list of top defendants in US patent litigation during 2017

Teva was the most targeted company in US patent lawsuits last year taking the top spot from Samsung as pharmaceutical companies featured heavily in the leading defendants. The numbers come courtesy of Lex Machina’s annual review of patent…

02 February 2018

Why talk of a pharma patent deal-making surge in 2018 is premature

A flurry of pharmaceuticals transactions in January has led several observers to describe the past month as the best start to M&A in recent years, and has further encouraged predictions of a surge in patent-driven acquisitions in 2018. Yet, by a…

10 September 2017

Allergan's anti-PTAB patent deal with the Mohawks looks to be a potential US game-changer

Allergan may just have driven a coach and horses through the inter partes review process at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. The company’s agreement to transfer the six patents underpinning its dry-eye treatment Restasis to the Saint Regis Mohawks…

10 November 2017

After $400 million wireless litigation finally ends, CSIRO returns to US courts in food tech dispute with BASF

In the patent world, at least when it comes to litigation, Australia’s largest public sector research body is best known for a yearslong effort to enforce a foundational wireless local access network (WLAN) patent that netted well over $400 million…

27 October 2017

Humira deal with Amgen is a clear vindication of AbbVie’s patent strategy

AbbVie recently settled its dispute with Amgen, whose Amjevita biosimilar it accused of infringing its patents for Humira, the world’s best-selling drug. Though clearing an eventual path to market for Amgen’s drug, the deal constitutes a major…

15 December 2017

Compulsory licensing threat in Europe requires vigilance from pharma patent owners

The Netherlands’ new Health Minister has hit out at “absurd” drug prices, suggesting that the use of compulsory patent licensing might be one solution. This comes shortly after Germany’s highest court upheld a landmark decision forcing a life…

30 November 2017

“Gold rush towards oncology” has major implications for pharma patent deal-making

A leading pharmaceuticals intelligence firm is predicting a sharp rise in the value of cancer therapy sales, and its chief forecaster recently told IAM of an ongoing “gold rush towards oncology” among life sciences companies. A key strategic focus…

16 May 2017

US businesses deal with tough effects of SCOTUS decisions; support grows for subject matter reform

The ongoing uncertainty over what constitutes patent eligible subject matter has led many to voice their concerns over the long-term implications for US business of failing to get patent protection for their inventions. According to recent research,…

16 September 2016

UN panel recommends stricter patentability rules and compulsory licensing to improve access to medicine

A United Nations taskforce released its much-anticipated report on patient access to medicines this week. In the run-up to the report’s publication, many IP owners expected that the role of patents in the drug industry would very much be in the…

06 October 2015

Gerchen Keller makes key hire to lead fee-shifting insurance push

Shortly after the Supreme Court issued its opinions in the Highmark and Octane fee-shifting cases in April last year, we wrote about Gerchen Keller Capital launching a new fee-shifting insurance product through Athena FSP. Since then, it’s fair to…

28 September 2015

More motions for fee-shifting are being filed but the rate at which they’re being awarded is steady

Fee-shifting may have been overtaken by the future of the IPR regime as the most sensitive topic on the US patent reform agenda, but it remains one of the most politically loaded parts of the proposed legislation. For Republicans who hunger for…

28 September 2015

Novartis is the latest Big Pharma player to extend olive branch in Third World patent rights row

While the global quarrel over the pricing of patented drugs continues unabated, Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis has announced that it will offer a number of its medicines at significant discount to developing countries. According to a press…