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03 May 2018

Xiaomi’s IPO filing sheds light on state of patent portfolio and cost of IP acquisitions

This morning, Xiaomi confirmed that it will seek a public listing on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong later this year, in what could be the largest tech IPO since Alibaba’s 2014 debut in New York. It is a moment for which the company, including…

26 April 2018

Israeli startup litigating with Apple inks camera tech licence with Oppo

Corephotonics, a developer of dual camera technologies based in Tel Aviv, last week announced a licensing agreement with Chinese smartphone maker Oppo. It appears to be the first publicly announced IP licence with a major smartphone OEM for the…

23 April 2018

Taiwanese start-up widens assertion drive in the wake of 2017 Apple settlement

At last week’s IPBC Taiwan conference, managing IP costs emerged as a key theme of conversation – with some suggesting that financial pressure could lead to more monetisation activity. One firm that has recently opted to go down the monetisation…

19 January 2018

Google takes a big step in China and Tencent joins the patent licensing world in major cross-licence deal

Google and Tencent have announced a patent cross-licence deal that they say will pave the way for future technology collaboration. The pact is said to be “long term” and covering “a wide range of products and technologies”. Beyond that there are no…

15 January 2018

Bank of America and IBM lead on blockchain patents, but start-ups and other specialists dominate

As the fluctuating bitcoin market has everyone talking, new research has thrown light on which companies are the leading filers of patents related to blockchain, the technology which underpins the world’s best known cryptocurrency, but whose…

08 February 2018

China’s first court decision on GUI design patent infringement narrows avenues for protecting software

Patent protection for software in China is fairly strong, and as this blog has chronicled over the last few years it has gotten stronger still. But when it comes to the design and look of software, and how users interact with it, a recent Beijing IP…

29 January 2018

Coolpad CEO makes good on patent threats with broadside against Xiaomi

Chinese smartphone maker Coolpad announced late Friday night that it has sued larger rival Xiaomi for infringing three Chinese invention patents. The cases will play out in the city where Coolpad is headquartered, at the Shenzhen Intermediate People…

19 December 2016

Via Licensing's latest deal in China illustrates benefits of a “flexible” approach

Dolby subsidiary Via Licensing and Lenovo have announced a deal which makes the Chinese company the newest member of the pool operated by Via for Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) patents. Ira Blumberg, Lenovo’s vice president for intellectual property,…

03 March 2017

China relaxes rules on software patentability – and the United States loses more ground

Amended patent examination guidelines will come into force in China next month that look set to make it easier to obtain patent protection on certain software-related inventions in the country. The final revised rules announced by China’s State…

13 May 2016

Some hope for software patents in the US after the CAFC's Enfish decision, but this is no game-changer

Since the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Alice, many in the US patent community have been searching for a case that provides greater clarity on the justices’ thinking or, at the very least, doesn’t simply see the Court of Appeals for the…

02 June 2016

Microsoft’s Xiaomi link-up shows patents as big deal value-added is gaining ground as a strategic approach

Whichever way you look at it, the deal between Microsoft and Xiaomi which was announced earlier this week has to go down as one of the most significant of the year so far. There are the terms of the deal itself – Xiaomi gets 1,500 patents from the…

13 October 2015

Although they did not drive the deal patents will be important for the new Dell/EMC business

Even in a very frothy deals market, Dell’s proposed takeover of EMC is one that stands out. At $67 billion it’s the largest tech transaction ever announced, with Dell seemingly eager to lessen its relative exposure to the declining PC market and…

06 October 2015

Gerchen Keller makes key hire to lead fee-shifting insurance push

Shortly after the Supreme Court issued its opinions in the Highmark and Octane fee-shifting cases in April last year, we wrote about Gerchen Keller Capital launching a new fee-shifting insurance product through Athena FSP. Since then, it’s fair to…

02 October 2015

Alice and the IPR regime makes relaunching an auctions business a tough thing to do, says Ocean Tomo’s Malackowski

As the IPO annual meeting drew to a close on Tuesday, I made my way across downtown Chicago to meet Ocean Tomo’s Jim Malackowski. A year ago Malackowski told this blog about OT’s plans to return to the auction market, five years after it sold its IP…

08 April 2016

India’s tough new line on software patents could hamper plans for boosting its digital start-ups

Writing in the latest issue of IAM, I take a look at the current state of play with regards to IP policy in India. Since the election of prime minister Narendra Modi in 2014, the Indian government has pushed development of the IP system up the…