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30 November 2018

How a Chinese court would have decided the <em>Unwired Planet</em> appeal

Previous FRAND-related rulings indicate judges in China could set a global rate, would adopt the hard-edged non-discrimination obligation and would consider the parties' negotiation behaviours when reaching their decisions 

29 November 2018

OPINION: It's time to sort out the connected car disconnect

TCL v Ericsson and Unwired Planet v Huawei send two very different messages to auto companies being approached by patent pools such as Avanci to take SEP licences, says Unified Patents' chief IP counsel Jonathan Stroud 

12 October 2017

The secondary market in patents: what went right, what went wrong and how to fix it

Background The modern patent ecosystem owes much to the great US innovators of the 19th century, who pioneered the use of intellectual property as a business tool. They fought infamous patent wars and created a secondary market in invention by…

19 September 2017

Microsoft v Motorola judge criticises recent UK Unwired Planet SEP licensing decision

US district court judge James Robart has taken aim at the decision handed down by Justice Colin Birss in the high profile London High Court SEP/FRAND case of Unwired Planet v Huawei, decided earlier this year. Speaking at the annual IPO meeting in…

14 April 2017

“The decision of the decade” – US reaction to the UK’s landmark Unwired Planet FRAND judgment

Last week’s judgment from London’s High Court in Unwired Planet v Huawei has elicited a lot of interest from the patent licensing community in the US. Despite the fact that patent disputes between various players in the mobile sector have hardly…

07 April 2017

The UK's first-ever court decision on FRAND/SEP licensing could be a global game-changer

On Wednesday, the High Court sitting in London handed down the UK’s first-ever decision in a case relating to the licensing of standard essential patents on a FRAND basis. It came down on the side of licensor Unwired Planet in its dispute with…

01 August 2016

Brexit leaves the UPC in limbo – and that’s no bad thing

The UK vote to leave the European Union may have surprised and disappointed many in the IP community, but a rush to bypass the decision and implement the unitary patent package would be a mistake

06 June 2016

IPBC Global 2016 gets underway with the growing threat of Brexit hanging over the patent market

The IAM editorial team is in Barcelona currently for this year’s IPBC Global, which gets underway today. We have we over 500 delegates in attendance, many of whom hold senior IP leadership positions inside some of the world’s biggest and most…

04 December 2015

SEPs could be next in line for investor validity challenges as rumours grow of two big, new funds launching

As we approach the end of the year and consider the main trends of 2015 there’s no doubt that one of the biggest stories has been the IPR challenges to biotech and pharma patents filed by Erich Spangenberg and Kyle Bass. They’re not alone in seeing…

24 November 2015

Unwired Planet CEO praises judge’s technical knowledge after major UK court win against Samsung and Huawei

Yesterday Unwired Planet notched up a significant court victory in London in an infringement case against Huawei and Samsung. The NPE’s patent in question was found to be both valid and infringed by the Asian tech giants. The trial is one of a…

16 November 2015

A major global player in the IP services business might soon be up for grabs

One of the biggest-ever sales in the IP service provider sector could be in the offing following Thomson Reuters' announcement that it is exploring “strategic options” for its Intellectual Property & Science business. A statement from the…

03 July 2015

New report seeks to accelerate the development of generally accepted IP valuation principles

If IP is ever to be the asset class that many believe it should be, finding a transparent, coherent, widely accepted way to value IP holdings is absolutely crucial. Over the years, there have been a number of attempts to develop generally agreed…