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17 October 2019

All eyes on London with globally-important FRAND appeals set for next week

The UK Supreme Court next week will be the first top court in any jurisdiction to consider the enforcement of SEPs subject to a global FRAND licensing undertaking. SEP holders and licensees will be watching closely

13 October 2019

World’s most valuable portfolios named; Blackberry’s PTAB setback; Female inventor numbers soar; Chinese patent fund mooted; US litigation number rises; and much more

Get ready for the new working week with a summary of all the stories posted on the IAM platform over the past seven days

12 October 2019

China’s IP ascent is not written in stone

Trade war is one reason why the country may end up being less friendly to patent owners than it once promised to be - but it’s not the only one

11 October 2019

Data reveals strong growth in the number of female inventors, but there is still a long way to go

A report by the UK IP Office finds more women named on patents than ever before – but also that they remain woefully under-represented. We present the top takeaways from a very timely study

10 October 2019

Patent term adjustments in the US are readjusted, again

Two recent Federal Circuit decisions have shed further light on a highly litigated area of biopharma patent law

09 October 2019

Building a patent holding that is fit for purpose

IAM has teamed up with Cipher to develop a survey designed to shed more light on how companies manage their portfolios for maximum strategic advantage in the most cost-efficient way 

08 October 2019

An eyebrow-raising CJEU ruling could be bad news for generics

Europe’s highest court has handed down a surprising decision concerning the consequences of an “unjustified” preliminary injunction issued in a pharma patent case

06 October 2019

PTAB cases decline; Patent warning for SMEs; Globalfoundries ups pressure on TSMC; Don’t fear <em>Oracle v Google</em>, says Microsoft exec; AstraZeneca reinvented; plus much more

Get ready for the new working week with a summary of all the stories posted on the IAM platform over the past seven days

05 October 2019

The USPTO seeks AI expertise to change the rules of the game internally and externally

New role has the potential to deliver results that will enhance internal processes, improve quality, lower costs and help recover lost US influence in the international IP arena

03 October 2019

For start-ups, patents should be a means to an end, not an end in themselves

Investing in IP may be necessary for early-stage businesses, but there are plenty of circumstances when the money is better spent elsewhere

01 October 2019

The top biopharma patent stories in September

Our round-up of all the major IP developments affecting the life sciences industries last month

30 September 2019

Europe and Latin America moving to marriage, but IP could be grounds for divorce

The recent trade accord agreed in principle between the EU and Mercosur promises to deliver significant benefits, but political controversies around issues such as data protection and SPCs mean that the deal is not yet sealed

29 September 2019

Chinese court issues major FRAND decision; Red Hat patent deals exclusive; Deep dive into top Fintech portfolios; US fails 5G patent leadership test; CJEU SPC setbacks; plus much more

Get ready for the new working week with a summary of all the stories posted on the IAM platform over the past seven days

28 September 2019

The US is gifting 5G patent leadership to others

Policy confusion and problematic court decisions mean that the shape of the IP landscape in this pivotal technology is being determined elsewhere

25 September 2019

Copyright clarification from Europe’s top court

Judges at the Court of Justice of the European Union delivered good news for designers in their Cofomel decision earlier this month