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19 February 2020

Huawei seeks to leverage invalidations in InterDigital dispute

The US-based licensing company faces an onslaught of invalidity actions at China's Patent Office, with about half of the decisions still to come

12 February 2020

US play for Nokia or Ericsson no long-term 5G solution, says Qualcomm engineering chief

Speaking at an event in Washington DC, Susie Armstrong claims that if policymakers want to help they should support a strong IP system and clarify rules on American participation in standards setting

10 February 2020

“Aggregate licensees, don’t do other stuff” - why it’s Dan McCurdy’s RPX now

With the sale of e-discovery business, Microsoft back on board and a drop in patent sales, defensive operator’s CEO has put his stamp on the business

07 February 2020

Qualcomm and Nokia report licensing numbers in a week to remember for 5G

Chip giant continues to see big uplift after Apple settlement, while Finnish company’s royalty income suggest it is still waiting for significant monetary boost from latest technology

06 February 2020

Huawei makes good on Verizon lawsuit threat following $1b demand letter

The Chinese telecom is asserting 12 patents against the US carrier in both the Eastern and Western Districts of Texas

05 February 2020

How policy and case law are transforming the ITC as a venue for FRAND disputes

Standards essential patent owners now have a clearer and potentially more favourable option for asserting their rights in the US

04 February 2020

Indonesian compulsory licensing policy could affect high tech companies

The country has rolled out a new framework for compulsory licensing, including special provisions related to semiconductors

03 February 2020

Why price differentiation is key to setting patent royalty rates for 5G

The former chief IP officer of Ericsson argues that a one-size-fits-all approach to licensing the new generation of wireless technology does not make economic or commercial sense

31 January 2020

USPTO patent assignments indicate Apple got a very good deal out of Intel

Records contain a treasure trove of information on more than 22,000 assets and suggests that the iPhone maker's holdings have been significantly boosted by the blockbuster transaction

31 January 2020

Sharp sues Oppo in Japanese court

Fresh off of LTE licence deal with Samsung, Foxconn unit takes on Chinese handset maker over Wi-Fi patent

30 January 2020

Vivo picks up hundreds of patents in Nokia deal

Asset transfers recorded last week provide strong indication that companies reached a license deal during 2019

29 January 2020

Ericsson is back in the $1 billion licensing club

Swedish telco sees IP revenues rise after year in which it saw change at the top and signed deals with Oppo and Xiaomi

24 January 2020

Beijing IP Court hands loss to local company targeted by Trump

Radio vendor Hytera failed to make antitrust claims stick to Motorola Solutions as trade secrets and patent battle continues

22 January 2020

Advocacy fight in Europe points to new battleground over patent litigation

Big Tech letter to EU commissioner highlighting danger of "trolls", and the response to it, demonstrate ongoing friction between SEP owners and implementers

21 January 2020

Vietnam's 5G ambitions put IP environment in focus

A state-run telecom's claim to be producing its own networking gear is the latest indication that there are opportunities for IP-based collaboration in a fast growing tech market