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01 October 2015

IAM 74 now out: why licensing companies face an extinction event & the drivers of the global patent market named

Issue 74 of IAM has now been published and is available for subscribers to read online. Our cover story focuses on how challenging the climate in the US has become for companies whose businesses are based on the generation of patent licensing…

16 July 2015

New version of Google Patents makes public bow today with mission to help raise quality standards

Google has launched a new version of Google Patents, the tech giant’s tool which enables users to search for US and international patents as well as analyse a vast database of prior art. The new version introduces a number of changes including…

07 September 2015

Technicolor lures Patel from Rovi to be the company's first-ever chief IP officer

European licensing powerhouse Technicolor has made a major new appointment. Arvin Patel - who was previously the senior VP of IP and licensing at Rovi, and before that worldwide head of IP strategy at IBM - has joined the French company as its chief…

09 June 2015

As the Americans look set to abdicate global patent leadership Europe has an exciting opportunity

A perfect patent storm is brewing for Europe. The creation of the unitary patent system – with one patent covering an economically advanced  territory of around 600 million people and a single court system, with the potentially wide availability of…

08 June 2015

Boeing changes course as it looks to aggressively grow its licensing business

Boeing may have a world famous brand and have been a leader in the aerospace industry for almost 100 years, but it is not as well known when it comes to IP and the monetisation of its large portfolio. But having re-thought its IP strategy several…

07 May 2015

For small NPEs looking for growth Japan might provide the best opportunity

As keen readers of this blog will know, we have subscribed to the idea that a period of consolidation among NPEs, and publicly traded IP companies in particular, is going to be one of the trends in the patent market over the next few years. In March…

04 May 2015

CSIRO takes a leaf from the Silicon Valley VC book to maximise value of publicly funded IP assets

In the face of extensive cuts to its funding and personnel, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Institute (CSIRO) – Australia’s state-funded R&D agency – is turning to the venture capital industry for inspiration in the hope that it…

01 May 2015

Patent sales are on the up; buyers would do well to make hay while the sun shines, as soon prices may rise too

Open market patent sales are on the rise and have increased by over 80% since the first quarter of 2014, according to data released by law firm ROL yesterday. Based on a cross-reference of packages offered and assignments recorded at the USPTO, ROL…

06 February 2015

India could end up trumping China as a patent dispute venue for many rights holders

China often hogs the limelight when it comes to discussion about which emerging economy will become the next major IP market alongside the United States and Europe. Questions over the Indian authorities’ approach to IP rights have no doubt…

02 February 2015

In China, as elsewhere, it's big tech that dominates the patent grants league table

The People’s Daily and the Intellectual Property Publishing House – a media arm of China’s State IP Office (SIPO) – recently released statistics showing which entities were granted the most Chinese patents in 2014. The grant data below relates…

28 May 2015

SCOTUS Commil decision is one part boost to patent rights one part feeding the “troll” narrative

There’s no doubt that for most readers of this blog the real interest in Justice Kennedy’s majority opinion from earlier this week in the case of Commil v Cisco came in his concluding remarks. The 6-2 Supreme Court decision (Justice Scalia wrote a…

26 May 2015

HP's Tsinghua link-up lights the way for foreign companies looking to exploit IP in China; but big hurdles remain

Hewlett-Packard has agreed to sell the majority stake in its China-based networking, data storage and server businesses to state-run Tsinghua Holdings – the investment arm of Beijing’s Tsinghua University – in a deal worth at least US$2.3 billion…

19 March 2015

As patent reform battle lines are drawn in the Senate it’s looking like a long haul

In the House of Representatives, at least, patent reform 2.0 has so far followed the expected legislative arc. Congressman Goodlatte reintroduced the Innovation Act in February and, barring a miraculous shift in support, the only serious question…

19 March 2015

China and US-based open innovation platforms defy ‘IP warfare’ and theft fears to join forces

Detroit-based AutoHarvest Foundation and Guangzhou’s WTOIP have forged a partnership designed to accelerate the exchange and adoption of technology by IP owners on both sides of the Pacific. “I hope that bringing the invention engine of the United…

03 March 2015

A letter to Congress on patent reform from 51 IP academics is powerful, but omits many key points

Yesterday a group of 51 prominent academics who specialise in the study of intellectual property wrote to members of the US Congress to argue that there is a large body of empirical evidence demonstrating that patent reform is necessary. “Over the…