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28 March 2017

There’s still all to play for in SCOTUS venue case which could shift focus back to Congress

The Supreme Court had another key aspect of US patent law in its sights on Monday as it heard oral arguments in TC Heartland LLC v Kraft Group Food Brands. The case provides the eight justices with the chance to radically overhaul the law concerning…

27 March 2017

Ericsson 5G royalty play may be less generous than originally thought; but it's definitely smart

The week before last, Ericsson chief IP officer Gustav Brismark gave an interview to Bloomberg in which he revealed the royalty rates the company would be asking for in relation to patents covering 5G technology in the mobile communications sector…

24 March 2017

German NPE litigation boom is real, says new study; while China's potential begins to show

Recent research from IP analytics firm Darts-ip has identified China and Germany as the two major patent jurisdictions in which NPEs enjoy the most success in infringement proceedings. However, the relatively low volume of cases being filed by NPEs…

23 March 2017

SCOTUS ruling gives patent owners mild cause for optimism; while former USPTO chief slams Breyer

We’re currently seeing a flurry of patent activity from the Supreme Court. Earlier this week it heard oral arguments in Impression Products Inc v Lexmark International while it also released its opinion in SCA Hygiene Products Aktiebolag v First…

03 March 2017

China relaxes rules on software patentability – and the United States loses more ground

Amended patent examination guidelines will come into force in China next month that look set to make it easier to obtain patent protection on certain software-related inventions in the country. The final revised rules announced by China’s State…

25 November 2016

The post-Brexit vote future of Europe's unitary patent system is set to become much clearer on Monday

The UK’s position on the Unified Patent Court system is set to be revealed on Monday, according to multiple reports currently circulating here. It is believed that Baroness Neville-Rolfe, the country’s IP minister, will provide the other EU member…

25 November 2016

Conversant reaps ethical licensing reward in bounce-back Panasonic acquisition

Conversant IP Management has acquired a patent portfolio from Panasonic, according to an assignment recorded with the USPTO earlier this week. The transfer represents a new foray into the Japanese patent marketplace for the Canadian NPE after its…

24 November 2016

China's great leap forward in patenting does not equate to a surge in innovation

Another year goes by; and there's another announcement from WIPO to the effect that China’s lead on the rest of the world in terms of patent filings continues to increase. And, on the back of this, as usual there are also a host of news…

16 November 2016

IAM Strategy 300: not long left to submit nominations

For more than one month now, IAM has been accepting nominations for the 2017 edition of the IAM Strategy 300, the definitive guide to the world’s leading IP strategists. The nomination process closes on Monday November 28, so you don't have…

10 November 2016

EPO President Benoît Battistelli responds to IAM criticisms of recent union official dismissal

On Monday, I wrote an opinion piece based around the recent dismissal of a senior member of the European Patent Office staff union SUEPO from his job in The Hague. It was sharply critical of the office’s senior management and called on the…

08 November 2016

WiLAN must navigate its local relationships with added care as it wades deeper into the Asian patent market

WiLAN announced yesterday that it has acquired a third patent portfolio from Panasonic in a further expansion of the two companies’ licensing partnership. While the deal underlines the level of confidence and trust that WiLAN has been able to secure…

04 November 2016

NPE assertion comes to China as WiLAN subsidiary files SEP suit against Sony in Nanjing - UPDATED

This post has been updated to make clear that, contrary to information we originally received, Rouse is not representing WiLAN or Wireless Future Technologies Inc in this case. In a major development in the Chinese IP market, Wireless Future…

01 November 2016

Germany pours cold water on takeover bids as concern regarding China’s IP-driven M&A activity spreads

A number of prospective Chinese takeovers of German high-tech businesses have been suspended by Berlin pending further investigation of their potential economic impact and national security implications. The German government’s intervention does not…

28 October 2016

Europe is no place to be a patent troll, concludes new Commission report

The continued issuance of high quality patents is the key to preventing the widespread activities of troll-like patent assertion entities in Europe, a new report from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre has concluded. Based on work…

27 October 2016

Why a Hillary Clinton presidency could be very good news for patent owners in the US

This time in two weeks we will know the identity of the next President of the United States. If the current polling is correct (and, being based in the post-Brexit vote UK, I know that could be a big “if”), it will be Hillary Clinton, rather than…