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15 March 2018

New study reveals what kinds of patents win at IPR. It’s good news for biotech, bad news for semiconductors

Patents in the biotechnology and organic chemistry, computer architecture, and e-commerce spaces are much more likely to survive the IPR process than those in other technology areas, new research has revealed. Semiconductor patents, on the other…

03 April 2017

Why the number of university patent assertions in the US may soon be about to increase

With the threat of inter partes reviews (IPR) hanging over any patent owner looking to assert its rights in the US, there’s bound to be interest in rulings that could help to give potential defendants a shield from prospective challenges. Thus, a…

27 March 2017

India’s largest patent filer shutters tech transfer arm in wake of major strategic failures

The tech transfer arm of India’s leading research organisation and largest patent filer says it has ceased operations because its financial position is unsustainable. CSIR-Tech was founded in 2011 to commercialise technology developed by the 38…

20 June 2017

Future watching, convergence, US optimism, UPC doubts and more: Day Two IPBC Global 2017

After two and a half jam-packed days, IPBC Global 2017 has finally come to an end. Before IAM’s editorial team splits up to return to London, Hong Kong and Washington DC, we will offer a few bold predictions about what’s to come in the IP market…

20 October 2016

Head of India’s top patentee blasts his organisation’s “indiscriminate" filing and lack of licensing efforts

The head of one of India’s biggest research organisations has issued a stinging indictment of the lack of IP strategy in the group's R&D labs. While his comments do not reflect a phenomenon that is necessarily new, or indeed one that is confined…

02 September 2016

Asia’s universities are impressive when it comes to IP creation, but have some way to go to realise its value

Earlier this week, Thomson Reuters released its latest listing of Asia-Pacific universities according to their innovation credentials. The list was compiled by analysing which institutions published the greatest number of articles in scholarly…

29 July 2016

There’s less than meets the eye to university tech transfer in China, but the sector is ripe with opportunity

The latest slogan embraced by policymakers working on China’s IP development is that the nation needs to move from being a “big IP country” to being a “strong IP country”. That, of course, means less emphasis on just owning large quantities of…

05 July 2016

Patent reform in the US may drive us to use trade secrets more, says IP chief of top Asian R&D centre

The patent system in Europe is facing an uncertain future in the aftermath of Britain's vote to leave the European Union. But there is still plenty of evidence to suggest that the IP market’s centre of gravity is shifting further from the United…

01 December 2016

Korean university gets in on assertion act with EDTx suit targeting Samsung, GlobalFoundries and Qualcomm

There has been plenty of discussion of late about US universities becoming increasingly aggressive in enforcing their patent rights against alleged industry infringers. Now, it looks like Asian universities are beginning to get in on the act too. …

08 December 2016

As another Asian university launches US patent assertion campaign, questions will be asked about the role of NPEs

Barely a week after KAIST sued several major tech companies in what appeared to be the first ever patent infringement action initiated by an Asian university in the United States, another Korean educational institution has launched its own assertion…

10 November 2015

Buying strategies for growing companies; the great "troll" debate; US hope & more at IPBC Asia 2015 Day Two

The plenary and breakout sessions of IPBC Asia 2015 have now come to an end, although many of the 550 delegates are now enjoying one final networking opportunity at the closing drinks reception. Before joining them, IAM’s team of reporters covering…

18 February 2016

The Intellectual Ventures invention fund teams up with Fraunhofer in major move into Europe

The Invention Development Fund (IDF) of Intellectual Ventures has signed a joint venture agreement with Germany’s SET Technologies to develop and commercialise innovations in Germany and elsewhere. In a major coup for the new JV, it will partner…

01 December 2015

Manpower shortage bottlenecks Indian innovation

India’s Commerce and Industry Ministry yesterday told the country’s parliament that the backlog of applications at the Patent Office stands around 246,500. This level of pendency, no doubt familiar to IP owners, stems from the fact that the office…

05 March 2015

The Inventing America event showed opposition to the Innovation Act is bi-partisan and getting STRONGer

With competing bills in Congress and lobbying dollars pouring into the fight, it’s fair to say that the patent reform debate is heating up. Earlier this week a coalition of groups including the Association of American Universities, the Association…

13 August 2018

ETRI exclusive licence deals signal two new campaigns to monetise its US patent holdings

South Korean research institute is working with two separate licensing entities, one of which has already filed cases. A previous effort faltered  last year when a judge ruled ETRI's exclusive licensees lacked standing to sue.