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18 May 2019

AbbVie’s Humira victories show US biosimilars have a mountain to climb

The drug maker’s secondary patent strategy is vindicated after it guarantees market exclusivity over the world’s best-selling drug following favourable settlement with final hold-out

22 May 2019

Nobel Laureate loses court battle over immunotherapy patents worth billions

Dana-Farber Institute pledges to license cancer treatment methods more widely after inventorship triumph

22 May 2019

Looking to ramp up IP commercialisation in new sectors, Nokia unveils collaboration with GE

Initial stage of relationship will focus on fiber communications technology that can be used in areas such as medtech

24 May 2019

Business, but not as usual

Our week-long series on the US-China trade dispute concludes, as deal-makers working on the ground say licence transactions and tech transfer are still happening, but big uncertainties remain

19 April 2018

Women have worse outcomes in virtually all respects when it comes to securing US patent rights, study finds

Not only do women inventors submit far fewer US patent applications than men, but they also have much greater difficulty in obtaining and maintaining rights, a new study has revealed. The first-of-its-kind research found that female applicants are…

05 June 2018

EU set to introduce SPC manufacturing waiver, while uncertainty continues over unitary regime

The European Commission last week proposed a waiver allowing generic and biosimilar drug companies to manufacture products protected by Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) for export. The proposal will meet with disapproval from pharma…

14 June 2018

Congress given chance to reduce threat for brand-name pharma from Hatch-Waxman and IPR challenges

US Senator Orrin Hatch has introduced a legislative amendment which would prevent generic drug companies from challenging brand-name drug patents using both the Hatch-Waxman and an inter partes review (IPR) routes. Instead, they would be forced to…

23 May 2018

Oncology drives major pharma deals while immuno-oncology patent activity soars

Cancer immunotherapy is an exciting, relatively new therapy that treats cancer by unleashing the power of the immune system. It has been hailed as one of the most promising advances in the treatment of cancer in recent times. Immuno-oncology…