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08 June 2019

Alice inventor - why more needs to be done on the Tillis and Coons 101 proposal

In this opinion piece, Ian K Shepherd - the man whose invention was at the heart of the pivotal SCOTUS decision - explains what the current patentable subject matter reform draft gets wrong 

12 June 2019

Group including Ericsson Nokia, InterDigital and Qualcomm releases SEP licence negotiation principles

Move designed to influence debate in Europe and comes on same day as implementers publish their own guidelines.  

12 June 2019

IAM and sister publication GDR launch major data event

The Data Business Congress will take place in San Jose, CA, next February with the focus on the capture, protection, management, exploitation and monetisation of one of the pivotal assets of the 21st century

13 June 2019

Three questions that require answers before we get a patent eligibility bill

Section 101 hearings end with Senator Tillis admitting that work needs to be done on key parts of the proposal; says to expect draft legislation after 4th July break

12 October 2017

Internet of Things: innovation that matters

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next logical step towards a connected world. As it becomes more pervasive on a global scale, it is beginning to find applications across all industries – from healthcare to retail, smart homes, automobiles and…

30 January 2019

IP monetisation: what might the future hold?

For years much of the focus on creating value from intellectual property has been on patents, but the emergence of a group of new technologies may help to rewrite the rules on monetisation. Patents will still play a crucial role but look set to become part of a broader mix of intangible assets in the discussion around value creation.

24 May 2019

A value-based approach

Generating value from a portfolio does not mean revenue on the balance sheet for the vast majority of patent-owning businesses, so IP leaders must look for other ways to show the value that intellectual property brings to a company.

30 April 2018

Continued contraction of Chinese smartphone market could cause a royalty crunch

According to recent research published by Canalys, smartphone shipments in China just suffered their largest quarterly setback on record. With the world’s biggest handset market shrinking at perhaps a faster pace than expected, one has got to wonder…

30 October 2017

New licensing vehicle will be offering a slice of 12,000 former Nokia patents for just $100,000

Earlier this month we broke the story of how a large portfolio of Nokia patents had been acquired by Provenance Asset Group LLC, which is led by Dan McCurdy and Tim Lynch of Quatela Lynch McCurdy (QLM). Now, based on exclusive interviews with…

12 May 2017

Tech giants step up their IoT patenting with Samsung and Qualcomm at the front of the pack

Samsung and Qualcomm are the leaders of the pack when it comes to patents related to the Internet of Things (IoT), according to new research from Relecura - with the Korean company ramping up its filing at an astonishing rate. According to…

09 May 2016

As licensors signal IoT focus, Chinese appliance companies will continue investing in patents

Looking back over the first third of 2016, you could argue that the industry sector in China that’s seen the most interesting activity from a patent transactions point of view is not semiconductors or smartphones, but appliances. After all, the…

22 May 2015

World’s largest asset manager enters the IP financing game with wearables loan

BlackRock – the world’s biggest investment firm with over $4.6 trillion of assets under management – is loaning wearable technology company Jawbone $300 million against its intellectual property and other intangible assets. According to a Bloomberg…

18 June 2015

The car industry’s patent evolution leaves many questions to be answered

One of the key questions for auto manufacturers and the large tech players like Apple and Google that are looking to enter the car space, is whether the changes the industry is going through now represent a fundamental shift to a completely new…

16 July 2015

Automotive patent filings may not lead to a Xiaomi car, but they do show that the company is keeping its options open

The recent publication of nine car-related patents filed by Xiaomi has added fuel to long running-rumours that the Beijing-based smartphone manufacturer is planning a foray into the automotive industry. The patents reportedly cover internet…

24 March 2015

InterDigital reveals that, like Qualcomm, it is reworking relationship with IEEE after introduction of new patent policy

In February the standards setting organization the IEEE announced a number of significant changes to its patent policy – the terms which govern the licensing of a range of standard essential patents, particularly in the Wi-Fi space. Those changes…