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26 August 2019

IPO documents detail a Chinese AI leader's IP portfolio

Megvii's patent portfolio is heavily China-focused, but analysis suggests it could contain a gem

27 August 2019

Armed and dangerous - how patents help Unicorns to fight back

Tech-rich start-ups that do not develop portfolios are vulnerable to attack - as recent Houlihan Lokey analysis of pre-IPO software businesses' IP positions revealed 

29 August 2019

Five things to know about Globalfoundries’ big litigation play

TSMC is the target and nineteen other tech firms are in the crossfire. Here are the takeaways from a big chip sector dispute that’s taking on a trade war tinge

31 August 2019

Despite the difficulties, it is time to embrace arbitration as the best way to resolve licensing disputes

Resolving FRAND and SEP-related royalty stand-offs via the courts is inefficient, expensive and damaging to innovation. A new way forward has to be found

02 September 2019

Facebook’s patent statement may have as much power inside the company as outside

Article by Jeremiah Chan details social media giant’s strategy and calls for a balanced system in sign that it could become more assertive on IP

09 September 2019

Latest patent deal numbers reveal that, for the first time in a decade, software has lost its lead

Healthcare and pharma takes top spot by number of transactions, with Industrial following in second place; while IBM was the biggest seller in Q2

16 September 2019

Kyocera scores another auto deal in haptics push

Litigation filed in Germany helped the Japanese electronics firm add auto supplier Preh to a list of licensees which already includes Robert Bosch

01 December 2016

More clarity emerges around software patent eligibility in the United States

US software patent eligibility may not be the nightmare that some claim, with recent Federal Circuit decisions fleshing out the Supreme Court’s pivotal ruling in Alice

16 April 2018

Protection of GUIs under the Designs Act

Everything you need to know about protecting graphical user interface designs in India.

31 January 2019

Critical condition: why patents matter more than ever for medical devices

From uncertainty over patent eligibility to the forces of convergence increasingly shaping the sector, IP strategy has never been more important for medical device companies.

31 March 2019

The owners of the biggest patent portfolios in the United States revealed

The IAM/ktMINE Patent 100 is back to give the latest rundown on the companies that own the largest patent portfolios in the United States. While Samsung retains a vice-like grip on the top spot, there is much to analyse further down the rankings as we see new players entering the 100, different sectors doubling down on their patenting efforts and some notable fallers.

23 May 2019

Benevolent despot or tyrant? <em>Alice v CLS Bank</em> five years on

In the five years since the US Supreme Court’s decision in Alice Corp v CLS Bank International, patent owners, their advisers, the judiciary and legislators have all struggled to come to terms with its impact. With policymakers currently eyeing possible legislation on Section 101 of the US Patent Statute, the case continues to cast a long shadow on the IP market.

24 May 2019

The 1,000 Club: lifting the lid on the IP-owning elite

The IAM/ktMINE US Patent 1,000 counts down every entity that owns at least 1,000 US grants, with breakdowns by country and industry, to reveal the biggest movers.

24 May 2019

IP-related statistics from the recent past

A selection of recently reported facts and figures.

30 August 2019

Why start-ups should get serious about patent protection

Only a small percentage of the world’s tech start-ups develop a patent portfolio of any depth, but failure to align IP strategy with long-term business objectives could cost companies millions down the line in litigation and licensing fees