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29 January 2008

Patent enforcement: licensing and litigation considerations

The value of owning patents continues to grow in the United States. As Alan Greenspan recently observed, “The economic product of the United States has become predominantly conceptual”.

29 January 2008

The ever-expanding extraterritorial reach of patents

For the most part, patent litigation is a domestic issue. Although today there is much talk of international patent litigation, in practice the international aspect is often confined to organising litigation in various countries.

29 January 2008

IP law adapts to address new challenges

The last 12 months have seen some interesting developments in Swedish IP law, including significant changes to the patent legislation and a government inquiry into copyright protection for music and film on the Internet, as well as a number of interesting judgments.

10 May 2007

Trademark refusals in Mexico on the grounds of descriptiveness

The Mexican Industrial Property Law (IPL) contains a specific chapter dealing with absolute and relative grounds for refusal

10 May 2007

Optimising brand value through strategic tax planning

As brands expand globally, their owners increasingly are, and should be, considering how to maximise brand value by seeking legitimately to minimise tax exposure

10 May 2007

ICI: leading the pack in trademark and brand management

With 80 years’ experience in protecting its intellectual property, ICI is no slouch when it comes to looking after its brands. Trademark counsel Paul Johnston unfolds a tale of fast-paced product lines, emotive markets and a very special dog

10 May 2007

Lighting the way to worldwide success

Protecting an icon is not easy, especially when the company’s entire legal department consists of only one lawyer and his assistant. Luckily, the man in charge of the Zippo brand has developed a system as reliable as the product itself

10 May 2007

Enforcing Community rights in Europe

Beyond doubt, Article 1 (2) of the Community Trademark Regulation (CTMR) and Article 1 (3) of the Community Design Regulation (CDR) are at the heart of European trademark and design rights, respectively

10 May 2007

Determination of royalty: the expectation gap

As companies within the apparel, high-tech, infocomm, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, entertainment and media, and various other industries seek new revenue streams, licensing is becoming a significant component of their strategy

10 May 2007

Evaluating brand-rich transactions: IP issues for corporate board members*

A significant portion of large-scale merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the US and Europe relates to brand-driven or brand-rich transactions

10 May 2007


It is a pleasure to welcome you to the fourth edition of IAM’s annual publication Brands in the Boardroom: Key branding issues for senior executives. Published to coincide with the annual meeting of the International Trademark Association being held in Chicago from 28th April to 3rd May, Brands in the Boardroom 2007 seeks to identify some of the major trends in brand management and trademark law and practice, and to explain their relevancy to a readership of decision makers inside brand-owning businesses.

10 May 2007

Trademark dilution – protecting famous trademarks in South Africa

Thirteen years after the historic first general elections that marked the start of democracy in South Africa, this country has become a political and economic success story

10 May 2007

Outlook on dilution and comparative advertisements in Europe

After some years of uncertainty, a doctrine of trademark dilution appears to be emerging in Europe, in particular as a result of a number of cases of trademark infringement under the UK Trade Mark Acts 1994 (the Act)

10 May 2007

Building a Strategy for shape mark protection

The Lego Group has become the leading producer of construction toys worldwide thanks to its famous rectangular plastic brick. But protecting the shape of the toy is proving tricky

10 May 2007

The advantages of the Community trademark system

On 25th March 2007 the European Union celebrated its 50th anniversary. Numerous facts can be mentioned in this regard, both positive and negative