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12 October 2017

Recent developments in Swiss patent and trademark practice

Court developments In Switzerland, the Federal Patent Court is exclusively competent for patent infringement and validity cases. The number of cases handled by the court has remained relatively constant over the past three years. In its annual…

12 October 2017

Recent developments in IP law and practice

This chapter describes recent developments in UK IP law and practice that are unrelated to Brexit or the proposed Unified Patent Court (UPC). However, it would be disingenuous to ignore completely the United Kingdom’s ongoing exit negotiations with…

12 October 2017

New and improved IP law provisions benefit entrepreneurs

Innovative technical solutions, industrial designs and trademarks are some of the most important components that build the value of any enterprise operating in the market. Their protection increased considerably in 2016 following changes in the…

12 October 2017

There'll be no easy bedding-in for António Campinos at the EPO; he'll have to hit the ground running

The news that António Campinos has been chosen to succeed Benoît Battistelli as president of the European Patent Office should not have come as a huge surprise to IAM’s readers. We predicted it might happen back in July. But the speed of the…

12 October 2017

Clarifications on the status of well-known trademarks

In Romania, Law 84/1998 (as republished) transposes the EU Trademarks Directive (2008/95/EC) into domestic law. However, the Romanian legislature did not approve the term ‘approximation of laws’ under the directive, with particular regard to the…

01 October 2017

Building Japanese corporate IP departments of the future

Amid dramatic industrial changes, Japanese companies have the chance to take a major leap forward and deploy IP activities to greater effect throughout enterprises. This will involve not only IP teams, but also management and business divisions

01 October 2017

<strong>Intangible investor:</strong> The premium on perception

How various audiences see IP rights, and why, is starting to receive the serious attention it deserves

01 October 2017

An IP-based business model for equity research

Regulatory reforms and technological disruption are transforming the research functions within major financial institutions. Now Japan’s biggest bank is attempting to harness IP big data to give it an inside edge on equity analysis

26 September 2017

Microsoft expands Azure IP Advantage to China, where it may be an even more unique offering

Last week, Microsoft announced that the suite of IP protections it offers cloud customers will become available in China for the first time beginning on 1st October. In a blog post, corporate vice president and chief IP counsel Erich Andersen…

21 September 2017

Google to pay $1.1 billion for HTC smartphone R&D team and IP licence rights

A long-rumoured Google-HTC deal finally took shape this morning, as the two companies announced a $1.1 billion “cooperation agreement”. Predictions had ranged from an outright acquisition of HTC by Google to a strategic investment, but the actual…

12 September 2017

Preparing for Brexit - analysis of the European Commission's position paper on key IP issues

Last week the European Commission published a Brexit position paper on dealing with intellectual property issues raised by the UK’s departure from the European Union – which is scheduled to happen at the end of March 2019. The paper focused on…

04 September 2017

After four years in the role, Brian Hinman set to stand down as Philips chief IP officer

Brian Hinman, chief IP officer at Philips, will be leaving the company in the middle of this month, IAM can reveal. The departure is entirely amicable and has been driven by Hinman’s desire to be closer to and spend more time with his family. Since…

30 August 2017

Trump’s USPTO Director pick remains an unknown quantity to many – and that may be his greatest strength

When this blog first reported that Andrei Iancu was a candidate for USPTO director in April it was hard to find anyone in the patent community, at least in DC, who knew him well enough to provide informed comment on what his leadership might mean. …

25 August 2017

China reacts to the Trump administration’s investigation into IP trade barriers

China’s government dialed up its criticism of the recently announced US investigation in the country’s IP practices yesterday, saying the probe “sabotages the existing international trading system, and has poured cold water on all parties that have…

01 August 2017

Intellectual property in Asia’s boardrooms

The work is not necessarily over when negotiators shake hands on an IP-based transaction. Closing a deal means selling it to the board which, in Asia, is often a job for both parties