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08 February 2020

The inconvenient truth is that the West gifted China its 5G leadership

A lack of foresight and a complete absence of joined up thinking in both the US and Europe have handed Huawei and others huge advantages in a technology space that is set to change the world

07 February 2020

Qualcomm and Nokia report licensing numbers in a week to remember for 5G

Chip giant continues to see big uplift after Apple settlement, while Finnish company’s royalty income suggest it is still waiting for significant monetary boost from latest technology

07 February 2020

China’s top chip foundry is latest target of US NPE

It is the second time SMIC, said to do one-third of its sales with American customers, will contend with former AMD patents in US courts

07 February 2020

Johnson & Johnson takes the patent lead in medtech innovation

The company has surpassed other healthcare powerhouses and kept Apple and Alphabet at bay, but a robust portfolio does not guarantee smooth sailing

06 February 2020

Huawei makes good on Verizon lawsuit threat following $1b demand letter

The Chinese telecom is asserting 12 patents against the US carrier in both the Eastern and Western Districts of Texas

06 February 2020

Key takeaways from <em>IAM</em>’s 2020 Pharma and Biotech IP event

The UPC, the rise of AI, international patent litigation and pharma patent dealmaking were among the hot topics discussed at this year’s conference

06 February 2020

Iancu makes US concerns about possible Chinese WIPO leadership clear 

USPTO head tells Washington DC event that the next head of the organisation must come from a country that “respects intellectual property rights”

05 February 2020

Why it’s tough to patent quantum computing inventions

There are four primary reasons why applicants – particularly those without extensive R&D backing – struggle to get USPTO approval in this emerging field

05 February 2020

Wuhan lab says it will seek patent protection of Gilead antiviral

Application unlikely to succeed in light of Gilead's prior art, practitioners say. The pharmaceutical company is cooperating on clinical trials with Chinese partners

05 February 2020

How policy and case law are transforming the ITC as a venue for FRAND disputes

Standards essential patent owners now have a clearer and potentially more favourable option for asserting their rights in the US

04 February 2020

Pharma companies need data strategies more than ever following recent CJEU decisions

Judgments from Europe’s top court rejecting a presumption of confidentiality for clinical study reports submitted for marketing authorisation have significant implications

04 February 2020

Indonesian compulsory licensing policy could affect high tech companies

The country has rolled out a new framework for compulsory licensing, including special provisions related to semiconductors

04 February 2020

CalTech hits big league of patent awards, now comes to the tricky part

Massive award against Apple and Broadcom ranks among top 10 largest victories - but the iPhone maker has a habit of overturning nine-figure judgmentd  

03 February 2020

Why price differentiation is key to setting patent royalty rates for 5G

The former chief IP officer of Ericsson argues that a one-size-fits-all approach to licensing the new generation of wireless technology does not make economic or commercial sense

03 February 2020

How India’s top research labs instill a culture of patenting

IP leaders from Samsung, Daimler, Tivo and others explain how they get the most out of their local R&D functions