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09 July 2018

Micron is not the first trade war casualty in China’s patent courts, and probably won’t be the last

Micron suffered a Chinese injunction last week in a case brought by a local competitor. The dispute began with a claim of trade secrets theft, and illustrates why US and Chinese officials are at loggerheads over IP issues.

07 June 2018

Intellectual Ventures, Amex veterans to launch blockchain-powered IP trading platform

New start-up Operem hopes to launch IP exchange by year's end after closing series A funding round in April. CEO Tim Londergan says the project can lure financial investors into the IP world. 

01 June 2018

Data sheds much-needed light on the trade secrets litigation landscape

New figures from litigation data provider Lex Machina show strong take-up following 2016's Defend Trade Secrets Act. More than 70% of trade secrets cases resolved at trial are won by plaintiffs.

31 May 2018

ZTE's IP and compliance records deserve a fair look as US administration weighs deal

David Kline has written an article at TechCrunch criticising the deal that appears to be taking shape between the US and Chinese governments that would allow ZTE to stay in business. The thrust of Kline’s argument is that ZTE is such a uniquely bad…

29 March 2018

Trade secrets take centre stage

Political rhetoric has thrust trade secrets misappropriation into the spotlight. New legislation around the world means that rights holders have never had more options for enforcing their rights.

12 February 2018

After the sudden end of a dramatic trial, the key takeaways from Waymo v Uber

Waymo v Uber was shaping up to be one of the trials of the year when it abruptly came to a halt late last week after the two sides reached a settlement to their trade secret dispute. Under the terms of the agreement, Uber will give the Alphabet…

01 June 2017

Inside Google’s IP battle with Uber

Google is looking to leverage different forms of intellectual property in its pending battle with Uber. As all eyes turn to the increasingly acrimonious lawsuit, is this the start of the next big IP war?

24 February 2017

It’s not often Google goes on the IP attack, so its suit against Uber is a very big deal

The lawsuit filed yesterday by the self-driving business of Google parent Alphabet against Uber and its subsidiaries Ottomotto and Otto Trucking, looks set to catapult trade secret protection and patent infringement back onto the front pages. …

01 August 2016

Top trio

Three outstanding individuals have been inducted into the IP Hall of Fame for 2016. They have already had a profound impact on their corners of the IP world – but do not expect these pioneers to rest on their laurels just yet

05 July 2016

Patent reform in the US may drive us to use trade secrets more, says IP chief of top Asian R&D centre

The patent system in Europe is facing an uncertain future in the aftermath of Britain's vote to leave the European Union. But there is still plenty of evidence to suggest that the IP market’s centre of gravity is shifting further from the United…

03 May 2016

Trade secrets come to the fore in the US and Europe with new legislation set to hit the statute books

Following the unusually swift and bipartisan passage of the Defend Trade Secrets Act through Congress, the US is only a presidential signature away from a wide variety of civil trade secrets cases being litigated in federal courts for the first time…

18 April 2016

The $940 million trade secrets verdict against Tata couldn’t have come at a much worse time for India

Over the past few years, India has often found itself at the centre of the IP world’s thoughts. Typically, the attention paid has not been particularly positive. There is the country’s hard line on the patentability of software and pharmaceutical…

08 December 2015

Vringo's $21.5 million global settlement with ZTE reflects the IP market's new realities

US PIPCO Vringo announced late yesterday that its Vringo Infrastructure subsidiary had reached a litigation settlement and licence agreement with Chinese telecoms major ZTE, bringing to an end a sprawling, multi-jurisdictional and at times…

28 September 2015

Patent exceptionalism, another new IP leader and more from day 1 of the IPO annual meeting

The Intellectual Property Owners Association’s 43rd annual meeting being held in Chicago, got underway in earnest today with more than 1100 delegates gathering in the Windy City to discuss many of the key trends currently gripping the IP market…

21 July 2015

Tsinghua's Micron bid looks doomed; Europe may be an easier prospect for Chinese companies after patents

Senior executives at Micron Technology have reportedly informed Tsinghua Unigroup that its $23 billion takeover bid is a non-starter, given the likelihood that US regulators would block the deal on national security grounds. As this blog reported a…