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17 April 2015

Inventergy’s difficulties say much about the current problems afflicting the licensing market

Alarm bells were recently set ringing about the future of public IP company (PIPCO) Inventergy when the following paragraph appeared on page 14 of its annual report: Our ability to continue as a going concern is dependent upon our ability to…

14 April 2015

Technicolor’s IP head poached by NPE; finance chief chosen as successor

Boris Teksler – current senior executive vice president and president of the Technology Business Group at Technicolor – has been appointed chief executive officer at Nevada-based NPE Unwired Planet. He will take up his new position on 1st June. …

09 April 2015

If pharma has high-quality patents IPRs should not be an issue, says hedge fund investor

Perhaps the patent story of the year so far has been the inter partes reviews (IPR) launched at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) against a series of pharmaceutical patents by hedge fund investors. Kyle Bass, founder of Hayman Capital…

06 April 2015

The new $20 million fund that aims to “de-trollify” NPEs

This blog is littered with stories of a patent licensing market that often fails to provide an effective route to monetisation and ends up with people who should be making deals heading to court. And if you’re an inventor trying to get a return on a…

03 April 2015

IPR boom confirms patents playing big role as technologies converge in auto sector

The widespread use of post-issuance patent reviews by big tech companies has been one of the defining IP trends of the last three years in the US. As they have defended themselves in cases where they are accused of infringement, so the likes of…

02 April 2015

Bass/Spangenberg file new pharma IPR re-exams

Hedge fund investor Kyle Bass and former IPNav CEO Erich Spangenberg have filed inter partes reviews against patents owned by Shire Pharmaceuticals and NPS Pharmaceuticals. The Irish headquartered Shire recently bought NPS in a $5.2bn deal. Its…

31 March 2015

With so much fear surrounding the PIPCO sector, now is the time to be greedy, says leading IP investor

Mark Argento is a founding partner of boutique investment bank Lake Street Capital Markets and one of the leading analysts of public IP companies (PIPCOs). The businesses he covers include Acacia Research, TiVo, Unwired Planet and Vringo. He…

26 March 2015

Mazda aligns with Japan's anti-NPE camp but increases IP value with LOTNET membership

Japanese carmaker Mazda signed up to the License On Transfer Network (LOTNET) this week, demonstrating how the litigation risk reduction initiative is spreading its appeal to a diverse range of IP owners – and proving again that Japanese companies…

24 March 2015

InterDigital reveals that, like Qualcomm, it is reworking relationship with IEEE after introduction of new patent policy

In February the standards setting organization the IEEE announced a number of significant changes to its patent policy – the terms which govern the licensing of a range of standard essential patents, particularly in the Wi-Fi space. Those changes…

23 March 2015

Patents give Kodak a second chance – and what could be more American than that?

How will we come to view Kodak? The iconic US company emerged from bankruptcy in 2013 after it had missed the digital photography revolution and crumbled into technological irrelevance. On Sunday it was the subject of a New York Times article which…

20 March 2015

The biggest impact on patent quality would be the USPTO injecting certainty into the eligibility debate

Next week the USPTO will hold its first summit on patent quality. Having both appointed its first deputy commissioner on the issue and announced its enhanced patent quality initiative earlier this year, it’s easy to see what the agency currently…

17 March 2015

Another investor attack launched against a pharma patent at the PTAB; and Kyle Bass is not involved

An IPR has been filed against an Allergan patent by an investment firm in a move that will heighten fears in the life sciences industries about the potential damage the PTAB process could do to their IP rights. The latest move comes after two…

13 March 2015

Patent reform on a knife-edge; Germany's growing appeal; PIPCO consolidation; and other highlights from NPE 2015

Yesterday, IAM hosted the NPE 2015 conference at the Convene Center in New York’s Financial District. Close to 200 delegates attended the event, including ,many senior leaders at public and private NPEs, inventors, investors, DC lobbyists, analysts…

12 March 2015

IV, VirnetX and Apple’s $500 million nemesis all among the most targeted at the PTAB

Recently we ran a blog on the most frequent filers of IPRs at the USPTO’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Not surprisingly the list was dominated by large tech companies such as Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft, all of which frequently find…

10 March 2015

Confidential deals with Apple and Intel show that Intellectual Ventures still has pulling power

Last week’s news that Intellectual Ventures had signed a major licensing deal with Ford was undoubtedly good news for the firm. As I understand it, the transaction was completed after a painstaking negotiation that took place over a period years…