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09 July 2015

From Congress to the USPTO, there's an assumption that only patent plaintiffs abuse the system; but it's wrong

In the ongoing debate around patent reform in the US there are two distinct narratives at play. The first is well known to anyone that has even only occasionally followed the progress of the proposed legislation.   It is the claim championed by…

09 July 2015

A can-do attitude towards IP strategy is another reason why Sharp should welcome Foxconn into the fold

Sharp received ¥200 billion (approximately US$1.65 billion) from lenders last week, giving it a much-needed shot in the arm as it struggles to stay afloat. But as far as its longer term health is concerned, its intellectual property could prove to…

30 June 2015

We may now be reaching the point when PIPCO deals begin to take place

Half-way through 2015, it’s clear that this has not been an easy six-months for most in the public IP company (PIPCO) market. Even Marathon, once the darling of the sector, has been hit, with its share price currently just under $3 (compared with a…

29 June 2015

NPE assertion campaign using LG patents may mark the dawn of a new reality for Korean corporates

An entity named Evolved Wireless last week launched lawsuits against a number of major companies claiming that they are infringing several of its patents which were previously owned by LG Electronics. The assertion campaign could well signal a new,…

26 June 2015

Despite recent patent disposal Inventergy at risk of being kicked off the Nasdaq

Inventergy’s share price immediately jumped Thursday on the news that it had executed an agreement for the sale of two patent families with an unnamed company for $4 million. However, on Friday morning it lost some of its previous day’s gain and at…

23 June 2015

When it comes to monetising Japanese patents, WiLAN seems to have the special sauce

Canada’s Globe and Mail reported last week that Ottawa-based publicly traded NPE WiLAN “continues to underwhelm investors” who “have mostly given up on waiting for a big windfall” from their shares in the company. IAM has written before regarding…

19 June 2015

We will offer equitable deals to any company and litigate regardless of nationality, says IP Bridge CEO

Earlier this month, IAM reported on two significant patent portfolio acquisitions made by Japanese 'sovereign patent fund' IP Bridge. At the time, I wrote that the fund's progress "has largely been shrouded in mystery" and that "many…

18 June 2015

The car industry’s patent evolution leaves many questions to be answered

One of the key questions for auto manufacturers and the large tech players like Apple and Google that are looking to enter the car space, is whether the changes the industry is going through now represent a fundamental shift to a completely new…

18 June 2015

US patent leadership may be over and the IP market is changing, but opportunities abound

Unsurprisingly, one of the key themes at this year’s IPBC in San Francisco was that the US market is in a state of serious flux. There was no consensus on whether the pendulum has swung too far against the interests of patent owners – your views on…

17 June 2015

A new approach to the reform debate; China's IP future; the European tide; and much more at IPBC Global Day 3

IPBC Global in San Francisco is now finished, but only after another compelling day of sessions, networking and discussion. Here, IAM’s editorial team – Joff Wild, Richard Lloyd, Jack Ellis and Sara Jayne Clover – pick out a few of the highlights: …

16 June 2015

Patent values about to climb, heroic inventors, the US's patent failure, hope for SMEs, and much more at the IPBC

The first full day of the IPBC Global in San Francisco is now done and dusted. Here, IAM’s editorial team – Joff Wild, Richard Lloyd, Jack Ellis and Sara Jayne Clover – pick out a few of the highlights from the sessions and from the conversations…

15 June 2015

Networking, reform, Japanese influx, NPE worries and much more as IPBC Global kicks off

The opening reception for this year’s IPBC Global took place on Sunday evening at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. IAM’s editorial team – Joff Wild, Richard Lloyd, Jack Ellis and Sara Jayne Clover – are covering the event and below are a few…

12 June 2015

Microsoft, IBM, ARM, Shazam, BAE and leading NPEs get together to tackle patent market’s transparency troubles

IPBC Global 2015, being held next week at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, will host the launch of the Open Registry of Patent Ownership (ORoPO) - a new project aimed at creating a more efficient global patent market by encouraging openness and…

12 June 2015

As the Innovation Act passes out of committee patent reform still lacks key industry support

Like its Senate counterpart last week, the Innovation Act comfortably passed out of committee yesterday after mark-up by the House Judiciary Committee. It did so, however, with notable concerns yet to be resolved. In separate statements the…

11 June 2015

Unified’s new auto zone provides further proof that patent activity in the sector is increasing

In another sign that patent activity continues to increase in the auto sector, Unified Patents has announced the formation of a new zone focused on the industry. Although more than 20 companies have joined the zone only Honda and Toyota have been…