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17 March 2015

Another investor attack launched against a pharma patent at the PTAB; and Kyle Bass is not involved

An IPR has been filed against an Allergan patent by an investment firm in a move that will heighten fears in the life sciences industries about the potential damage the PTAB process could do to their IP rights. The latest move comes after two…

14 March 2015

Former USPTO head Kappos offers devastating critique of overly broad patent reform

In a speech in Washington DC on Friday, former USPTO Director David Kappos pulled no punches as he critiqued the case for the kind of broad-based reform of the patent system proposed by the Goodlatte Innovation Act. Speaking at the LeadershIP…

12 March 2015

IV, VirnetX and Apple’s $500 million nemesis all among the most targeted at the PTAB

Recently we ran a blog on the most frequent filers of IPRs at the USPTO’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Not surprisingly the list was dominated by large tech companies such as Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft, all of which frequently find…

10 March 2015

Confidential deals with Apple and Intel show that Intellectual Ventures still has pulling power

Last week’s news that Intellectual Ventures had signed a major licensing deal with Ford was undoubtedly good news for the firm. As I understand it, the transaction was completed after a painstaking negotiation that took place over a period years…

09 March 2015

Despite their popularity, PTAB reviews face challenges on multiple fronts

When this blog asked members of the patent community to single out which part of the America Invents Act had made the most the impact, the new inter partes review (IPR) process at the renamed Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) was the unanimous…

05 March 2015

NXP-Freescale merger underlines patent power shift in semiconductor sector

Barely a quarter of 2015 has passed and we have already seen four significant M&A events take place in the microchip industry. The latest (and largest of 2015, to date) was revealed at the start of this week, when the Netherlands’ NXP Semiconductors…

05 March 2015

The Inventing America event showed opposition to the Innovation Act is bi-partisan and getting STRONGer

With competing bills in Congress and lobbying dollars pouring into the fight, it’s fair to say that the patent reform debate is heating up. Earlier this week a coalition of groups including the Association of American Universities, the Association…

03 March 2015

A letter to Congress on patent reform from 51 IP academics is powerful, but omits many key points

Yesterday a group of 51 prominent academics who specialise in the study of intellectual property wrote to members of the US Congress to argue that there is a large body of empirical evidence demonstrating that patent reform is necessary. “Over the…

02 March 2015

Proposed Senate bill could provide valuable counterpoint to Goodlatte’s Innovation Act - UPDATED

A new patent bill is due to be introduced in the US Senate this week and looks set to give those who oppose the kind of broad-based reform proposed by the Innovation Act a piece of legislation to coalesce around. According to Politico, Senator…

01 March 2015

Deal with Ford is potentially very good news for IV and also indicates patents are coming to the fore in auto sector

To this observer, it’s slightly strange that there has not been more comment on the announcement made by Intellectual Ventures on 27th February that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Ford. Writing on the IV blog, president and COO…

27 February 2015

From across the Atlantic, Goodlatte’s fee-shifting plans look far less onerous than the UK’s “English rule”

One of the key differences of the American legal system compared with the UK one is the difficulty of claiming costs from the losing side in a lawsuit. Generally speaking, in the US you can’t do it; while in the UK you can - hence the term the …

24 February 2015

IP Market 2.0 is going to be a lot more international than the previous US-centric one

We’re less than two months into 2015 and I have already made trips from the UK to the US and China. Along the way I have had a fair few conversations with various IP market participants about where things stand. The overall view is that change is…

19 February 2015

Apple, Samsung and Google the most frequent filers of IPR petitions, new research shows

The huge popularity of post-issuance proceedings has been one of the biggest changes in the patent market following the introduction of the America Invents Act in 2011. The uptake of inter-partes reviews (IPRs), in particular, has been well…

17 February 2015

High-quality NPE-owned patents a key feature of the semiconductor industry, new report finds

A new report by technology consulting firm iRunway has thrown a spotlight onto the patent landscape in the semiconductor memory sector. It looked at the largest patent holders, the growing presence of NPEs and the increase in patent litigation over…

14 February 2015

Motions to dismiss data represents yet more bad news for US patent plaintiffs

Yesterday we reported on data released by Docket Navigator showing that in 2014, the year of the Alice decision, the number of motions to dismiss on Section 101 eligibility grounds stood at an all time high, as did the success rate of such motions…