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12 October 2018

New US litigation stats analysis suggests much greater role for lone inventors

Operating companies are now the biggest filers of new patent lawsuits, but numbers also indicate that potential heirs to Edison may have been filing many more suits than was previously thought

11 October 2018

Third IV fund has not been sold, says VP, but it does have a major new investor

Mathan Ganesan confirms that the firm will continue to monetise the 3,000 patents in the fund and that the deal indicates overall market conditions are improving

09 October 2018

UK judge reins in ZTE’s China counter-suit against Conversant

But IAM research shows the NPE led by Boris Teksler is facing a barrage of Chinese invalidity actions from both ZTE and its co-defendant Huawei.

08 October 2018

New NPE suits will set up big validity battles in China

iPEL and another newly announced licensing entity are banking on pro-plaintiff China. How they fare will tell us more about whether the opportunity for foreign NPEs is a mirage.

08 October 2018

Qualcomm may have suffered ITC defeat, but all is not lost in its battle with Apple

Despite no exclusion order, judge's finding of validity and infringement could be a boon to the chip maker as its global patent dispute with the iPhone giant drags on

05 October 2018

Taiwan chipmaker walks away from Toshiba Memory dispute with $40m settlement

First enforcement effort by Hsinchu-based Macronix ends with cash payout to end matters in the US, Japan and Taiwan.

02 October 2018

Despite demonstrably high quality assets Finjan forced to the courts again

Cyber security firm accuses rival of infringing seven patents in its third district court action this year. Even though a high PTAB win rate indicates strength of Finjan's portfolio, prospective licensees still happy to litigate

01 October 2018

Latest data points to another drop in US patent litigation

Numbers for the third quarter show slight uptick in filings from Q2, but 2018 volume expected to fall again year-on-year and to be down by 2,500 from 2015

01 October 2018

Yes, PTAB proceedings against Orange Book patents are on the up. No, they’re not wiping them out

New research confirms that IPR challenges to life sciences patents have increased in recent years, but the data suggests that their effect on commercially important rights is limited

01 October 2018

Man jailed for alleged patent extortion in Shanghai said to have once reached $300,000 settlement with Microsoft

More details emerge about the Shanghai-based individual who faces criminal action after licensing and litigation campaigns against pre-IPO companies. Family members deny charges and say he’s an inventor, not a troll

28 September 2018

McCurdy's move to RPX is high stakes for himself and for the firm

The defensive aggregator's new CEO is a much-needed figurehead, but with litigation risk in the US diminishing the former Provenance head faces some serious challenges

28 September 2018

Still stymied by Chinese delays, patent plaintiffs seek alternatives to Hague Service Convention

Serving process to Chinese entities is taking up to two years. Efforts to use alternate means have had mixed results.

27 September 2018

New generation in SCOTUS and other US courts may mean more patent erosion, says CAFC justice

In keynote IPO speech, Kathleen O’Malley states that in the digital age judicial respect for IP is waning, but argues that rights holders can fight back through improved prosecution and enforcement

26 September 2018

America Invents Act trials and the challenges at the PTAB – where do we go from here?

A panel of PTAB practitioners gathered in Washington DC in May to discuss the effect that post-issuance reviews continue to have on the US patent system. As this special report reveals, there was plenty to discuss

25 September 2018

Licensors like Qualcomm, Microsoft among biggest trade winners, China says

In its most thorough response yet to tech transfer complaints, government highlights $7 billion in annual IP payments to US firms and the country’s increasing attractiveness as a patent litigation venue.