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26 March 2015

New data confirms that US patents are being knocked out on 101 grounds in record numbers

Lex Machina’s second annual review of the patent litigation landscape in the US is out today and the IAM blog has had an exclusive preview of what is a very comprehensive piece of work. The main headline figure for last year – that the number of…

26 March 2015

Mazda aligns with Japan's anti-NPE camp but increases IP value with LOTNET membership

Japanese carmaker Mazda signed up to the License On Transfer Network (LOTNET) this week, demonstrating how the litigation risk reduction initiative is spreading its appeal to a diverse range of IP owners – and proving again that Japanese companies…

25 March 2015

Uber taps up senior Google patent team member to become its head of IP

File under one we should have noticed before; but didn’t: Eric Schulman, up until recently a director in Allen Lo's patent team at Google, has become the head of IP at Uber. Schulman had been with Google since 2005, holding various IP-related…

25 March 2015

Canadian trademark law: top cases of 2014

The year 2014 will be remembered as the year when Canada rewrote its trademark laws. However, 2014 was also an exceptionally busy year for trademark cases in Canada. While no single case stood out above the rest, there were a number of interesting cases of which both legal professionals and brand owners should take note.

24 March 2015

InterDigital reveals that, like Qualcomm, it is reworking relationship with IEEE after introduction of new patent policy

In February the standards setting organization the IEEE announced a number of significant changes to its patent policy – the terms which govern the licensing of a range of standard essential patents, particularly in the Wi-Fi space. Those changes…

20 March 2015

The biggest impact on patent quality would be the USPTO injecting certainty into the eligibility debate

Next week the USPTO will hold its first summit on patent quality. Having both appointed its first deputy commissioner on the issue and announced its enhanced patent quality initiative earlier this year, it’s easy to see what the agency currently…

20 March 2015

Microsoft USPTO patent assignments may indicate a change of monetisation strategy

In the Data centre section of each issue of IAM magazine, we include tables outlining the preceding two months’ top assignors and assignees of patents as recorded at the US Patent and Trademark Office. The data – which is provided by ktMINE – ranks…

19 March 2015

As patent reform battle lines are drawn in the Senate it’s looking like a long haul

In the House of Representatives, at least, patent reform 2.0 has so far followed the expected legislative arc. Congressman Goodlatte reintroduced the Innovation Act in February and, barring a miraculous shift in support, the only serious question…

17 March 2015

Another investor attack launched against a pharma patent at the PTAB; and Kyle Bass is not involved

An IPR has been filed against an Allergan patent by an investment firm in a move that will heighten fears in the life sciences industries about the potential damage the PTAB process could do to their IP rights. The latest move comes after two…

17 March 2015

Alice may dictate whether we see a financial services patent war

As IAM has extensively covered in recent months, the US Supreme Court’s June 2014 decision in Alice Corp v CLS Bank could prove to have far-reaching consequences for a wide range of businesses that hold patents on business methods and software. With…

16 March 2015

Now that presumption in US is that granted patents will not be upheld, it's time to end substantive examination

Why bother with substantive examinations at the US Patent and Trademark Office? We know that they cost a fortune in official fees and attorney fees. And we know that the vast majority of granted US patents are never used and have very little, if any…

14 March 2015

Former USPTO head Kappos offers devastating critique of overly broad patent reform

In a speech in Washington DC on Friday, former USPTO Director David Kappos pulled no punches as he critiqued the case for the kind of broad-based reform of the patent system proposed by the Goodlatte Innovation Act. Speaking at the LeadershIP…

13 March 2015

Patent reform on a knife-edge; Germany's growing appeal; PIPCO consolidation; and other highlights from NPE 2015

Yesterday, IAM hosted the NPE 2015 conference at the Convene Center in New York’s Financial District. Close to 200 delegates attended the event, including ,many senior leaders at public and private NPEs, inventors, investors, DC lobbyists, analysts…

12 March 2015

IV, VirnetX and Apple’s $500 million nemesis all among the most targeted at the PTAB

Recently we ran a blog on the most frequent filers of IPRs at the USPTO’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Not surprisingly the list was dominated by large tech companies such as Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft, all of which frequently find…

11 March 2015

Suprema, Inc v ITC: Federal Circuit holds en banc hearing

The en banc Federal Circuit has heard oral argument in a case with significant implications for the scope of the authority of the International Trade Commission (ITC) authority over claims of induced patent infringement. The argument suggested that the court could continue to allow the ITC to remedy infringement of method claims based on a theory of induced infringement.