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17 April 2017

Industry association claims that Europe is under attack from patent trolls; but where's the evidence?

An organisation called IP2I (Intellectual Property 2 Innovate) put out a press release on 4th April with the shock headline “Digital innovation downturn as patent trolls invade Europe”. The organisation – whose members include Google, SAP, Intel and…

14 April 2017

“The decision of the decade” – US reaction to the UK’s landmark Unwired Planet FRAND judgment

Last week’s judgment from London’s High Court in Unwired Planet v Huawei has elicited a lot of interest from the patent licensing community in the US. Despite the fact that patent disputes between various players in the mobile sector have hardly…

07 April 2017

The UK's first-ever court decision on FRAND/SEP licensing could be a global game-changer

On Wednesday, the High Court sitting in London handed down the UK’s first-ever decision in a case relating to the licensing of standard essential patents on a FRAND basis. It came down on the side of licensor Unwired Planet in its dispute with…

07 April 2017

Ecstasy and agony for Huawei after $11.6 million China win and landmark FRAND dispute loss in the UK

This has been a week of agony and ecstasy for Huawei on the patent litigation front. In a landmark judgment, a UK court ruled that the Chinese telecoms giant must pay NPE Unwired Planet (UP) worldwide royalties for infringing two of its patents…

31 March 2017

The game-changer who just wanted to fly

Former pilot Brian Hinman has run big corporate IP groups, monetised major patent portfolios and established ground-breaking businesses. Now chief IP officer at Philips, he has compelling views on the current state of the IP market and how it might develop

27 March 2017

Ericsson 5G royalty play may be less generous than originally thought; but it's definitely smart

The week before last, Ericsson chief IP officer Gustav Brismark gave an interview to Bloomberg in which he revealed the royalty rates the company would be asking for in relation to patents covering 5G technology in the mobile communications sector…

24 March 2017

German NPE litigation boom is real, says new study; while China's potential begins to show

Recent research from IP analytics firm Darts-ip has identified China and Germany as the two major patent jurisdictions in which NPEs enjoy the most success in infringement proceedings. However, the relatively low volume of cases being filed by NPEs…

18 March 2017

Ericsson is right to embrace licensing transparency, but the company now has to make it work

Ericsson has revealed its standard essential patent (SEP) royalty fee price range for 5G mobile phone networks. In an interview published on Bloomberg yesterday, chief IP officer Gustav Brismark stated that charges would begin at $2.50 for lower-end…

13 February 2017

With the UPC just two ratifications away, the anti-EU press and politicians in the UK finally make it an issue

The European unitary patent system is on the brink of becoming reality following Italian ratification of the Unified Patent Court agreement. The EU Council was formally notified on 10th February of the decision, making Italy the 12th country to…

01 February 2017

The UPC springs back to life

The Unified Patent Court received an unexpected boost in November 2016, when the UK government committed to ratifying the agreement despite Brexit. Private practice experts from three leading European law firms discuss the implications

09 January 2017

Licensors must understand that what is FRAND in US and EU may not be in China, says Xiaomi IP strategy chief

This time seven years ago, Xiaomi did not exist; now it is one of the five biggest mobile businesses in the world. As it seeks to grow its business in both China and beyond, that presents the company with a series of major IP challenges. As part of…

06 January 2017

Apple’s anti-privateering push against Nokia looks like a litigation play rather than a serious challenge

The dispute between Nokia and Apple that effectively kicked off the smartphone litigation wars in 2009 included many familiar tactics from the operating company v operating company patent dispute playbook. The Finnish tech giant sued first in…

15 December 2016

As the UK moves closer to UPC ratification, there could be a litigation spurt at the new regime's birth

The UK’s ratification of the Unified Patent Court agreement moved one step closer yesterday with the confirmation that it had signed the UPC’s Protocol on Privileges and Immunities.  This provides EU privileges and immunities to the court’s judges…

09 December 2016

It's a multi-polar IP market out there these days, with Europe and China starting to give the US a game

It was hard not to be struck by the optimism in the air at IPBC Asia 2016, which took place in Shanghai earlier this week. With well over 400 delegates from major IP owners across the region and beyond in attendance, as well as advisers and…

01 December 2016

Comparative patent quality in the United States and Europe

Both the US Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office are strongly committed to issuing high-quality patent assets, and have strengths as well as weaknesses that need addressing