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02 July 2018

UPC and unitary patent membership are back on the agenda in Spain, according to reports

A month after coming to power, the PSOE government in Spain is all set to re-open the debate about whether the country should sign up to the EU unitary patent and Unified Patent Court agreement. According to Josep Maria Pujals of Barcelona-based…

01 July 2018

Battistelli's achievements overshadow the mistakes he undoubtedly made

A new era gets underway at the European Patent Office tomorrow when Portugal’s Antonio Campinos takes over as its president in succession to Benoît Battistelli, who stepped down on Friday having been in charge since 2010.   It’s fair to say that…

22 June 2018

Qualcomm, France Brevets and IP Europe join forces to create a new funding initiative for European SMEs

A new financing and advisory mechanism to help innovative European SMEs secure high-quality patents and build effective portfolios will be rolled out across Europe in 2019, it was revealed today. The creation of Patent Factory Europe (PFE) was…

13 June 2018

The Battistelli legacy, China concerns, gambling opportunities and a whole lot more from IPBC Global 2018

The sessions on the third and final day of IPBC Global 2018 have now finished; and, like yesterday, the action has come thick and first across a variety of plenaries, breakouts and masterclasses. The members of IAM’s editorial team on the ground at…

04 June 2018

Europe soars as the US falls back in the latest IAM benchmarking survey

Europe is forging a world-leading reputation for both patent litigation and procurement at a time when faith in the US system is declining, according to the results of IAM’s annual benchmarking survey, published in issue 90 of the magazine. …

03 June 2018

A new government in Spain reopens the possibility that the country may sign up to the UPC

It was all change in Spain on Friday when a vote of no confidence in the Partido Popular (PP) government led by prime minister Mariano Rajoy was passed by the country’s parliament, the Cortes. As a result, Rajoy was replaced by Pedro Sánchez, the…

01 June 2018

Is SEP licensing up to standard?

The landscape around SEP licensing has changed considerably in recent years thanks in large part to key court decisions. As courts and regulators around the world continue to frame the debate around SEPs, there is much for patent owners to consider

01 June 2018

Europe enjoys a patent renaissance, despite Brexit and UPC uncertainty

With close to 900 responses, the 2018 IAM benchmarking survey is the biggest we have carried out yet. The results reveal an IP market that is more international than ever before, but which has still to fully recover its mojo

25 May 2018

Sprycel – new plausibility threshold for life sciences patents?

The Technical Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) decision (February 1 2017) upholding the revocation of Bristol-Myer Squibb’s (BMS) European Patent 1169038 for lack of inventive step came as a shock and a surprise for many in the pharmaceutical sector.

25 May 2018

SPC system – simple, transparent and easy to apply?

Patent term extensions for human and veterinary medicaments and plant protection products are available in Europe through the grant of supplementary protection certificates (SPCs), which effectively extend the term of a granted patent in relation to a particular product that is the subject of a marketing authorisation.

25 May 2018

Medical use of cannabinoids – analysis of Brazilian authorities’ position

The medical use of cannabidiol – one of several cannabinoids found in plants belonging to the cannabis genus – has increased significantly over the past two decades.

25 May 2018

Patenting personalised medicines in Europe

The established approach to drug development is based on the assumption that all patients with a particular condition respond similarly to a given drug.

20 May 2018

There is one Brexit IP issue that could explode politically - and it has nothing to do with patents

Ask any European IP professional about the Brexit issues which take up most of their time and they are likely to tell you about things such as the UPC and the unitary patent, the enforcement directive and decoupling the UK from the Community…

18 May 2018

Suing a Chinese entity in the United States? Expect a two year wait to serve process

There are a host of challenges when it comes to trying to assert US patents against a Chinese legal entity. A recent court filing by Dutch telecom KPN, which is suing Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus in the District of Delaware, underlines what looks to be a…

03 May 2018

The UPC now looks like a racing certainty, but don't bet on UK being part of the unitary patent regime

Last week the UK ratified the Unified Patent Court agreement. It was a surprise move that caught many off guard; but although it does take Europe closer towards getting a one-stop patent litigation regime, much still needs to happen before this…