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21 September 2015

'What innovation isn’t’ should be something that the pro- and anti-patent camps can agree on

IAM is pleased to be able to say that we count both die-hard supporters of the patent system, and some of its most vociferous critics – as well as a whole bunch of people in between – as our readers and followers. A glance through IAM’s Twitter feed…

19 September 2015

Global IP licensing and royalty fee numbers reveal the world's maker and taker economies

The latest edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII) was launched in London this week, offering a unique take on which global economies are ahead in ‘innovation-driven growth’. Put together by WIPO, INSEAD and Cornell University, the 400-page…

13 September 2015

The EPO staff union is doing its members no favours and is letting the office's management off the hook

As anyone whose family has been touched by the tragedy of suicide will tell you, it is a horrific experience to have to go though. Why, you constantly ask yourself. Shouldn’t we have noticed, could we have done more, was it something we did, were…

08 September 2015

Ericsson’s SEP campaign against low-cost smartphone vendors in India rolls on with yet another success in court

The Delhi High Court has once again handed Ericsson a victory, if only an interim one, in its efforts to enforce standards-essential patents (SEPs) the company owns in India. An order dated last Wednesday, issued by Justice Manmohan Singh,…

28 August 2015

Microsoft and Nokia speak to IAM on Korean competition regulator’s approval of mobile deal

Both Microsoft and Nokia have responded to the blog we ran yesterday on the decision by Korea's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) to give the green light to Microsoft’s €5.4 billion-plus acquisition of the Finnish company's mobile devices and…

27 August 2015

Microsoft’s Android licensing bonanza may be on downward trajectory after Korean Nokia deal approval

NOTE: After publication of the blog below we received comments from both Microsoft and Nokia clarifying certain issues. You can access these in a story we published on 28th August. Some parts of the blog below have also been amended to reflect the…

03 August 2015

After being opposed for so long, Spain could be about to change its mind on joining the UPC

A new Spanish patent act will come into force on 1st April 2017, following its recent publication in the country’s Official Gazette. There is a detailed look at all the major provisions in the legislation over on the PatLit blog, but what looks to…

02 August 2015

The US may not have a world class patent system, but its professionals are second to none

Reading a story in the Washington Post on Friday about the on-going controversy surrounding the USPTO’s teleworking scheme, I wondered again about a claim made recently by the agency’s director Michelle Lee that the US has a world class patent…

28 July 2015

Chinese VC firm to target European high tech companies with new $5 billion takeover fund

Chinese investment firm GSR Capital yesterday announced the launch of a $5 billion M&A fund, which it said would be used for large-scale buyouts of western technology companies in sectors including life sciences, wireless communications and clean…

27 July 2015

French connection and military R&D link in Beijing aggregation fund’s patent acquisitions

Since launching its first IP aggregation fund in April 2014, Beijing-based IP consultancy firm Zhigu has focused on obtaining Chinese patent assets from the domestic research sector. But assignments data suggests that the outfit has recently stepped…

21 July 2015

Tsinghua's Micron bid looks doomed; Europe may be an easier prospect for Chinese companies after patents

Senior executives at Micron Technology have reportedly informed Tsinghua Unigroup that its $23 billion takeover bid is a non-starter, given the likelihood that US regulators would block the deal on national security grounds. As this blog reported a…

03 July 2015

New report seeks to accelerate the development of generally accepted IP valuation principles

If IP is ever to be the asset class that many believe it should be, finding a transparent, coherent, widely accepted way to value IP holdings is absolutely crucial. Over the years, there have been a number of attempts to develop generally agreed…

28 June 2015

Two big developments last week mean that Europe's unitary patent system may be up and running next year

There were two big pieces of news concerning the European unitary patent and the unified patent court (UPC) last week – one potential, the other actual. On Wednesday the IP Kat blog had a major scoop when it revealed that the UK IP Office had…

22 June 2015

Should Spain join the UPC, the country's patent attorneys would have a great deal to lose - UPDATED

Recently Italy indicated that, following the CJEU’s decision that the creation of the EU’s unitary patent and unified patent court (UPC) did not breach European law, it will be signing up to the system. Should this happen, it will leave Spain as the…

18 June 2015

US patent leadership may be over and the IP market is changing, but opportunities abound

Unsurprisingly, one of the key themes at this year’s IPBC in San Francisco was that the US market is in a state of serious flux. There was no consensus on whether the pendulum has swung too far against the interests of patent owners – your views on…