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20 April 2015

The case for IP can only be fully made if its institutions are transparent and subject to independent oversight

With intellectual property under more scrutiny than it has ever been before, problems at three of the world’s top IP agencies could not have occurred at a worse time. The major controversies besetting both the European Patent Office and the World…

17 April 2015

An independent investigation of WIPO DG allegations halted last November; unclear when (or if) it will resume

An independent investigation into the allegations of serious misconduct made by former WIPO deputy director James Pooley against the UN agency’s Director General Francis Gurry was initiated last October, but stopped the following month, IAM can…

13 April 2015

Philips LED deal shows that Chinese investors, as well as corporates, see the strategic power of IP assets

IAM readers keeping tabs on the LED industry will likely be aware of the recently announced deal which will see Philips sell the majority of its Lumileds lighting components unit to Chinese-led investment consortium GO Scale Capital for $3.3 billion…

10 April 2015

Ericsson and Nokia the latest to confirm that they will not license under the new IEEE patent policy

Ericsson and Nokia have told IAM that they will not be making licensing commitments under the new patent policy introduced by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The moves, which follow similar announcements by Qualcomm and…

10 April 2015

A WIPO whitewash of the allegations made against Francis Gurry would damage the standing of the United Nations

It is now a year since James Pooley, then the deputy director for innovation and technology at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), made a series of explosive allegations about the UN agency’s Director General Francis Gurry. Detailed…

05 April 2015

France Brevets success in Germany shows just how wrong Bessen and Meurer are

Last 5th November, James Bessen and Michael Meurer wrote an article for the Boston Globe in which they claimed that patent trolls sponsored by foreign governments were emerging as a serious threat to American businesses; and that this was another…

03 April 2015

IPR boom confirms patents playing big role as technologies converge in auto sector

The widespread use of post-issuance patent reviews by big tech companies has been one of the defining IP trends of the last three years in the US. As they have defended themselves in cases where they are accused of infringement, so the likes of…

30 March 2015

Patent royalties may be about to come under the microscope in India, but regulators should step carefully

An Indian mobile industry association last week submitted a report to the country’s government calling on regulators to rein in patent royalties being demanded of domestic handset makers by foreign companies, according to a story in the Economic…

30 March 2015

No ifs, no buts - it is time to shine a bright and permanent light on the full workings of the EPO

When senior managers of the European Patent Office (EPO) decided to issue a public statement denying that it had breached the human rights of staff, it was the clearest indication yet that there has been a complete breakdown in the relationship…

13 March 2015

Patent reform on a knife-edge; Germany's growing appeal; PIPCO consolidation; and other highlights from NPE 2015

Yesterday, IAM hosted the NPE 2015 conference at the Convene Center in New York’s Financial District. Close to 200 delegates attended the event, including ,many senior leaders at public and private NPEs, inventors, investors, DC lobbyists, analysts…

06 March 2015

Europe's "injunction gap" may not be the problem Google, Microsoft, Intel et al claim it could be

Earlier this week the UPC Industry Coalition – a group of companies including Microsoft, Google, HP, ARM, Intel and Adidas, that is focused on developments around the creation of Europe’s unified patent court (UPC) system – launched a website in…

27 February 2015

From across the Atlantic, Goodlatte’s fee-shifting plans look far less onerous than the UK’s “English rule”

One of the key differences of the American legal system compared with the UK one is the difficulty of claiming costs from the losing side in a lawsuit. Generally speaking, in the US you can’t do it; while in the UK you can - hence the term the …

24 February 2015

IP Market 2.0 is going to be a lot more international than the previous US-centric one

We’re less than two months into 2015 and I have already made trips from the UK to the US and China. Along the way I have had a fair few conversations with various IP market participants about where things stand. The overall view is that change is…

16 February 2015

It is now incumbent on all sides to back full transparency at the EPO; and that does mean all and full

SUEPO, a union that represents patent examiners and other staff at the European Patent Office, has announced that it will be staging another demonstration connected to its on-going, all-pervading dispute with the office’s senior management and …

04 February 2015

Interpretation of reciprocity of IP rights protection in Italy and San Marino

A recent official interpretation of the Convention of Friendship and Good Neighbourhood 1939 between Italy and San Marino concerning IP protection in the two states has concluded, among other things, that European patents should be validated separately in each country.