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26 October 2018

As Justice Gorsuch makes his patent voice heard he has an unusual amount of IP expertise to call on

Clerks hired by Justice Gorsuch have the kind of deep-rooted knowledge that may change minds among critical members of the IP bar

26 October 2018

Australian firms must play smart to keep up global IP environment

At IPBC Australasia in Melbourne, in-house leaders discuss patent reform, doing more with less,  and using IP to attract investment.

24 October 2018

China introduces legislation to create a national IP appeals court

When the measure becomes law, a new Intellectual Property Tribunal within the Supreme People’s Court in Beijing will hear appeals from civil and administrative patent cases from across the country.

23 October 2018

New initiative can help answer patent system criticisms, says Novartis’ IP policy chief

In an exclusive interview with IAM, Corey Salsberg sung the praises of the Pat-INFORMED database and predicted more to come for the platform

22 October 2018

PTAB decision looks like a good result for third-party IPR filers

Just months after Federal Circuit came down hard on RPX, Board's institution of a Unified review petition offers further guidance on determining real-party-in-interest

22 October 2018

Trade secret worries stall $4.1bn Chinese acquisition in Chile

Stake in mining giant would shore up China’s position in the battery tech supply chain. But top shareholder tells Chile’s highest court that the investment could result in loss of trade secrets.

22 October 2018

EPO Guidelines

New edition will be effective from 1st November. As well as software-related topics, it covers issues such as unity of inventions, biological processes and changes to oral and opposition proceedings

19 October 2018

In pushing back on “patent troll” narrative USPTO Director sets up clash with Silicon Valley

Accuses those raising spectre of trolls of “Orwellian doublespeak” and leads call to restore balance to the system

16 October 2018

JPO will turn its attention to litigation reform

With big ADR push behind it, office asks firms to weigh in on whether courts provide sufficient IP protection. Commissioner Naoko Munakata previewed the initiative in recent remarks at IPBC Japan.

14 October 2018

Life sciences September

In our latest monthly round-up of patent news from the life sciences – covering September - we report on a crucial CRISPR win for the Broad Institute, the launch of WIPO’s new pharma patent database, important judicial comings goings in the District of Delaware, and a whole lot more besides

12 October 2018

Trump biosimilars

Heightened concern over pay-for-delay strategies has driven the legislation at a time when the number of biosimilars being approved is set to rise sharply

12 October 2018

Breaking down the latest US patent litigation stats

Operating companies are now the biggest filers of new patent lawsuits, but numbers also indicate that potential heirs to Edison may have been filing many more suits than was previously thought

11 October 2018

Draft guidelines on 5G patent licensing draw stinging response from implementers

Six licensing principles have been made public by a group including Nokia, Ericsson and Qualcomm following work done with European standards organisations CEN and CENELEC 

11 October 2018

Is China closing in on peak patent?

On the face of it, the rise in annual filings by Chinese entities was the lowest since 1995 last year; but that may not be the full story. CNIPA points to a change in counting methodology, which only raises more questions.

09 October 2018

In US Senate antitrust hearing, key legislator puts himself in the IP spotlight

Senator homes in on divergent views between key agencies on FRAND licensing and risks to development of key technologies