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02 April 2019

Latest data adds weight to Iancu’s claim of a “new day” at the PTAB

Number of petitions slumps in the first quarter as petitioners and patent owners come to terms with 12 months of change at the board 

01 April 2019

Federal Circuit doubles down on ineligibility of diagnostic correlations

What the latest Federal Circuit 101 decision means for the medical diagnostics sector.

01 April 2019

Even as the storm clouds gather, Huawei’s enviable IP position means that it cannot be ignored in 5G

Storm clouds are gathering over the most talked about company in the telecoms sector but as we embark on a new era of mobile technology, Huawei still enjoys a number of notable advantages.

01 April 2019

Shenzhen implements tough new IP enforcement rules

Regulations in the special economic zone once known primarily as a den of piracy will allow fast-track administrative injunctions and impose stiff penalties on repeat infringers

31 March 2019

Charting China’s changing pharma patent landscape

China’s healthcare sector is booming and while the patent system has developed considerably in recent years, pharmaceutical companies should still think carefully about how to protect their rights.

31 March 2019

Is it time to focus on practical application over invention in Step 2 of the <em>Alice</em> test?

New USPTO guidelines on subject matter eligibility have been met with praise from many patent owners but may diverge from US Supreme Court precedent.

29 March 2019

CJEU rules out SPCs for new drug formulations, but leaves uncertainty over therapeutic uses

Following the court’s Abraxis decision, life sciences face a more restrictive interpretation of which products qualify for supplementary protection certificates.

29 March 2019

China's patent office pledges to cut pendency amid quality questions

CNIPA has promised to reduce examination times, but users are more concerned about quality. Agency's deputy director waves off the suggestion that 90% of its issued patents are 'junk'

28 March 2019

Why Randall Rader believes the Chinese CAFC is a gamechanger

The new IP tribunal shows that China is accepting its responsibilities as a world leader in IP policy, says the former US Federal Circuit chief judge.    

28 March 2019

It’s the injunction, stupid – ITC sets up key decision in Apple/Qualcomm

As back and forth in landmark patent fight continues USPTO Director Iancu admits clarification needed on controversial 2013 SEP policy statement

27 March 2019

What pharma pros in China need to hit enforcement curveballs

With China emerging as a crucial market for the life sciences, it is crucial that those in the industry keep up with the swift pace of IP reforms and other changes – especially when it comes to enforcement.

26 March 2019

How the JPO handles AI-related applications

The Japan Patent Office has published a series of case examples that explain its approach to handling filings related to inventions in the field of artificial intelligence

26 March 2019

Key US legislator lays out 101 reform plans with bill expected this summer

Thom Tillis, chair of the US Senate’s IP subcommittee, also raises prospect of codifying reforms issued by USPTO Director Andrei Iancu

25 March 2019

Qualcomm wins JFTC reversal, but faces other questions on Asian competition front

After nine years of legal manoeuvring, the US chipmaker has won approval for its licensing practices in Japan. But in other parts of the region, antitrust doubts remain

20 March 2019

Patent abuse in China – could solutions be worse than the problem?

US-China rows over trade secrets have made headlines the world over and highlighted Big Tech’s frustration with aspects of the Chinese IP regime. It is unclear whether any suggested solutions will assuage concerns