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03 November 2015

We could soon be seeing a lot more tech deals between Taiwanese and mainland Chinese companies

Given the rate at which Tsinghua Unigroup has splashed out money in cross-border investment deals this year, it is no surprise to read of its latest acquisition – a stake in Taipei-based Powertech Technology worth $600 million. But it is significant…

30 October 2015

Sogou’s assertion of patents against Baidu could be a landmark in the evolution of China’s IP market

Chinese internet and software company Sogou has sued domestic competitor Baidu for patent infringement in a development that underlines just how rapidly the Chinese IP marketplace is growing in sophistication. Sogou – a subsidiary of online…

22 October 2015

Nokia/Alcatel tie-up cleared in China following patent promises and a timely joint venture

Chinese regulators have finally given the green light to Nokia’s proposed takeover of Alcatel-Lucent, paving the way for the €15.6 billion deal to go ahead. The Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) gave its clearance after extracting promises from the…

04 October 2015

It's no surprise that Unwired Planet has decided to fight SEP suit against Huawei, Google and Samsung in London

Tomorrow Unwired Planet is scheduled to begin a series of face-offs against Huawei, Samsung and Google at the Patents Court in London. At issue are alleged infringements of five standard essential patents (SEPs) owned by the NPE that were…

10 September 2015

ZTE taps Blackberry talent to develop high-quality patent assets and drive US success

The average US consumer might not be familiar with the ZTE brand, but the latest figures from global intelligence firm IDC show that it has moved into fourth place in the American smartphone market, behind Apple, Samsung and LG. The Chinese company…

08 September 2015

Ericsson’s SEP campaign against low-cost smartphone vendors in India rolls on with yet another success in court

The Delhi High Court has once again handed Ericsson a victory, if only an interim one, in its efforts to enforce standards-essential patents (SEPs) the company owns in India. An order dated last Wednesday, issued by Justice Manmohan Singh,…

03 September 2015

Japan’s sovereign patent fund initiates first legal action in the US, accusing TCL of infringing three SEPs

Japan’s IP Bridge has launched what appears to be its first lawsuit. The sovereign patent fund (SPF) filed a complaint for patent infringement against Chinese electronics company TCL and two subsidiaries in the US District Court for Delaware. It is…

31 August 2015

Another signal that India is becoming more receptive to software patents

Two subject areas have long dominated critiques of the Indian patent system by foreign (and especially US) companies and government bodies: pharmaceuticals and software.  But, the recent release of new guidelines for the examination of computer…

28 August 2015

Microsoft and Nokia speak to IAM on Korean competition regulator’s approval of mobile deal

Both Microsoft and Nokia have responded to the blog we ran yesterday on the decision by Korea's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) to give the green light to Microsoft’s €5.4 billion-plus acquisition of the Finnish company's mobile devices and…

27 August 2015

Microsoft’s Android licensing bonanza may be on downward trajectory after Korean Nokia deal approval

NOTE: After publication of the blog below we received comments from both Microsoft and Nokia clarifying certain issues. You can access these in a story we published on 28th August. Some parts of the blog below have also been amended to reflect the…

30 July 2015

Brazil joins India as a jurisdiction in which patent-light Chinese smartphone makers may fear to tread

It increasingly looks like we are on the cusp of entering a second round of smartphone patent wars, driven by the expansion of China’s fast-moving, lower-end mobile device manufacturers outside of their home markets. Earlier this month, Brazil’s…

28 July 2015

New court filings throw light on ZTE’s “PR battle” with Vringo

The multi-year, worldwide and ongoing litigation battle between ZTE and non-practising entity (NPE) Vringo took an interesting twist last week when a series of internal ZTE documents were filed with a New York court. The documents, which largely…

28 July 2015

Chinese VC firm to target European high tech companies with new $5 billion takeover fund

Chinese investment firm GSR Capital yesterday announced the launch of a $5 billion M&A fund, which it said would be used for large-scale buyouts of western technology companies in sectors including life sciences, wireless communications and clean…

13 July 2015

South Korean banks join forces to launch NPE with initial reserves of $89 million to spend

The Korea Development Bank (KDB) and the Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) will each invest 50 billion won ($44.5 million) to set up a patent aggregation fund which will purchase “outstanding intellectual properties” and set about “licensing them to…

10 July 2015

Chinese customs seizures for patent infringement surge, new statistics show

China’s General Administration of Customs (GACC) released a report of its IP-related activity during the year 2014, which our sister publication World Trademark Review recently broke down from a trademark perspective. There was one interesting…