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12 April 2018

Both the largest and strongest portfolio in the world: an exclusive analysis of Samsung’s patent assets

In the IAM/ktMINE US Patent 100, published in issue 89 of IAM, we revealed that Samsung owns by far the largest US patent portfolio. Now, new research conducted for IAM shows that the Korean conglomerate not only has the largest portfolio in the…

06 April 2018

SEP-based injunctions get rubber stamp from Beijing appeal court in long-awaited decision

The Beijing Higher Court has handed down its long-awaited decision in what is thought to be China’s first-ever SEP injunction case.  In IWNCOMM v Sony, the second instance tribunal rejected the Japanese company’s appeal against the decision of the…

29 March 2018

How Nokia’s spate of sales and licensing deals have affected its patent position: exclusive data analysis

Although Nokia has “one of the two most valuable portfolios relevant to wireless connectivity”, according to Microsoft, the Finnish communications company was still struggling with its mobile handsets business as recently as 2013. Today, it is one…

25 March 2018

Trump may have postponed his IP trade war with China, but both sides are still playing for very high stakes

Last Thursday, President Trump set out a series of measures that the US is set to pursue against China over alleged violations of American-owned intellectual property. They were wide-ranging, but perhaps not as deep or as far-reaching as some may…

22 March 2018

US suit against LG is a big test for Ericsson patent portfolio after last year’s damaging TCL decision

Ericsson filed a lawsuit against LG Electronics in US district court earlier this week in what could be the first courtroom test of the its patent portfolio since it was on the receiving end of a damaging verdict late last year in an SEP FRAND…

13 February 2018

Michel and Kappos sign onto letter signalling their support for DOJ’s new focus on patents and antitrust

A high-profile group of academics and senior IP stakeholders - including former Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Paul Michel and former USPTO Director David Kappos - have written to Department of Justice antitrust head…

09 February 2018

Samsung's request to block Huawei's China SEP injunction reveals potential impact of enforcement

Samsung Electronics is asking a federal judge in California to stop Huawei from enforcing an SEP injunction it won in China earlier this year. In doing so, the Korean company has given an indication of when that order might actually come into effect…

01 February 2018

Rollercoaster ride for SEP owners continues through 2017

SEP owners had much to celebrate in 2017 but a major decision from a US court meant that the year ended with a familiar amount of uncertainty

29 January 2018

Conversant racks up another win against LG with CAFC ruling that its patents are valid and infringed

Over the last four years the licensing dispute between Conversant subsidiary Core Wireless and LG has had all the familiar traits of a modern day infringement spat as the battle has dragged on in two separate district court cases. Late last week,…

26 January 2018

SSOs come under microscope in further sign that Trump administration is shifting US patent policy

The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) antitrust division has placed standards setting organisations (SSO) firmly in its crosshairs. In a series of comments at an antitrust event held by the Heritage Foundation earlier this week in Washington DC,…

19 January 2018

The state of mobile SEP licensing after recent high-profile FRAND cases in London, California and Shenzhen

The TCL v Ericsson FRAND case and the Unwired Planet v Huawei case bookended 2017. Both have shed further clarity on issues surrounding SEP handset licensing.  Last week in Huawei v Samsung, a court in the Chinese tech hub of Shenzhen granted Huawei…

04 January 2018

Ruling in high-profile US FRAND case “highly biased in favour of infringers”, says Ericsson's CIPO

Speaking to the IAM blog Ericsson chief IP officer Gustav Brismark has made his first public comments on the judgment handed down by a California court just before Christmas in the Swedish telco’s high-profile FRAND licensing dispute with Chinese…

18 December 2017

We pick our US patent market stories of the year

It’s that time of year when we reflect on the events of the past 12 months - and it's fair to say that 2017 has been particularly busy in the US. Following are what we consider to be the 10 biggest developments (several of which were stories…

14 December 2017

Korea FTC defends scope of Qualcomm penalties as US judge warns of antitrust “race to the bottom”

Of the recent competition rulings against Qualcomm, Korea’s seem to have gone the furthest in imposing global remedies on the chipmaker’s licensing practices. At a recent forum on antitrust extraterritoriality, Judge Douglas Ginsburg of the US Court…

11 December 2017

Delrahim speech shows Trump administration DoJ will no longer favour IP users over owners, says Kappos

November was a big month in the SEP world. On the 29th, the European Commission issued its long-awaited Communication on SEP licensing, which – it seems to the relief of most – confirmed Europe’s status quo, which favours neither creators nor…