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17 November 2015

One year of China's specialist IP courts: an infographic

Last month we reported on the latest statistics coming out of China's pilot specialist IP court programme. As we stated at the time, demand from rights holders to have their disputes decided in the new fora has been close to overwhelming. A…

13 November 2015

“Politics and self-interest have been having way too much influence on the patent system”

Yesterday we ran the first part of an interview with Steve Borsand the EVP of IP at Trading Technologies, a company that designs financial trading software. In this second part we discuss both the ongoing debate around patent reform and the impact…

03 November 2015

Why Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung have all been big winners in the smartphone patent wars

It’s not often that a war is fought in which almost every side bearing arms wins; but the one that took place over patents relating to mobile devices might be a very rare example of such a phenomenon. It began way back in 2009, got extremely serious…

18 September 2015

Apple wins latest fight with Samsung, but injunction decision opens up clear divide at the CAFC

The long and, at times, tortuous patent war between Apple and Samsung took another turn yesterday with the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit vacating a district court decision’s to not grant Apple an injunction against its South Korean rival…

16 July 2015

New version of Google Patents makes public bow today with mission to help raise quality standards

Google has launched a new version of Google Patents, the tech giant’s tool which enables users to search for US and international patents as well as analyse a vast database of prior art. The new version introduces a number of changes including…

10 July 2015

Chinese customs seizures for patent infringement surge, new statistics show

China’s General Administration of Customs (GACC) released a report of its IP-related activity during the year 2014, which our sister publication World Trademark Review recently broke down from a trademark perspective. There was one interesting…

11 June 2015

Australia looks set to rethink its utility model regime after study suggests net cost to the economy

Australia’s Advisory Council on Intellectual Property (ACIP), an independent body, has recommended that the government consider abolishing the second-tier ‘innovation patent’. The recommendation comes on the heels of a study by IP Australia’s Office…

08 June 2015

Boeing changes course as it looks to aggressively grow its licensing business

Boeing may have a world famous brand and have been a leader in the aerospace industry for almost 100 years, but it is not as well known when it comes to IP and the monetisation of its large portfolio. But having re-thought its IP strategy several…

01 June 2015

China’s jaded judges underscore why the country is yet to fulfill its patent market potential

Chinese judges are reportedly quitting the bench in their hundreds as they grow increasingly disenchanted with perennially low pay and political interference in their work. The disillusionment of the judiciary underlines one of the significant…

15 May 2015

WIPO assembly chair calls in central UN unit to investigate the explosive claims against DG Francis Gurry

Päivi Kairamo, chair of WIPO’s General Assemblies, has asked the United Nations’ Organisation of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) to investigate the claims made by James Pooley, the former deputy director general of the organisation, in a Report…

20 April 2015

The case for IP can only be fully made if its institutions are transparent and subject to independent oversight

With intellectual property under more scrutiny than it has ever been before, problems at three of the world’s top IP agencies could not have occurred at a worse time. The major controversies besetting both the European Patent Office and the World…

10 February 2015

Foreign SMEs may fare better than the big boys enforcing their patents in China

It is no secret that some Western rights holders feel that China’s legal and regulatory systems are stacked against them. Such sentiments will be especially acute with yesterday’s announcement that Qualcomm has been fined $975 million and forced to…

20 January 2015

No smartphone patent war in China yet, but don’t be surprised if one does erupt

Chinese electronics company Oppo caused a small stir at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month with its accusation that Polaroid’s ‘Selfie’ smartphone copied its own rotating camera design. It is tempting to see this as…

19 January 2015

China’s future lies in its intellectual capital, not mass patent filings, says Randall Rader

Released last month, the World IP Organisation’s 2014 World IP Indicators report shows that China’s State IP Office (SIPO) received 825,136 patent applications in 2013, making it the world’s largest patent office in terms of filings for the third…